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Good Example of Elegant Contemporary Japanese Architecture

European fashion in the East in the styles of interior explained by their desire to know the mystery of human existence through the prism of Eastern wisdom. East directions in architecture and construction attract residents of other countries unusual and unusual design, quite different traditions in the arrangement of their houses. The Eastern areas and include Indian, and Arab, and Asian (including Japanese) style.

Japanese style in the design of the houses are tempted by the opportunity to put in one project simplicity and elegance, and comfort without extra parts and accessories. Japanese interior design is interesting because it follows the ancient national traditions, respect for nature and respectful attitude to everything. However, for the people of Europe to recreate the authentic décor of the rising sun is rather difficult, is not always acceptable. Therefore, the best option home improvement will be a variant that combines Japanese-style and modern trends in art design interiors and exteriors, as in the project photo:
What is characteristic of the Japanese style in architecture and design
harmony, simplicity and elegance, clarity and rigor lines, a minimum of accessories;
glass, stone and wood are the main materials in the construction of the Japanese house:
restrained color palette:
the transformation of the space with sliding doors and light walls:
The landscape in the Japanese style
For the Japanese, with their reverent attitude to the pristine nature, making the area around the house is of great importance. In the landscape design they embody the philosophical ideas of different exercises. The stones and the water here is the embodiment of magical power, sacred symbols. If the site is small, you can make a miniature pond-swimming pool and enclosed it with a stone:

Modern House: Surprising Creative Residence in Japan

The plot, which is water, is the most successful option for landscape design in Japanese style. Enough to decorate shore boulders, positioning some large rough stones across the adjacent territory, and your plot will be improvised Japanese garden:

To create a Japanese landscape uses multi-level plantings: dwarf trees and tall pine trees, low shrubs, and moss covering the rocks. In this style should be neatly trimmed crown in the manner of topiary, plants must maintain original appearance:

The exterior is in Japanese
Classic Japanese houses are built by a special principle: to come inside from all sides. To one of the entrances to the house can be mounted wooden deck with steps. Very unique and original layout of the local area:

On the other hand the way home, you can put stone or concrete slabs:

Terraces and porches is an integral part of Japanese homes. Here you can focus on your inner world, watching the spectacular scenery. Therefore, indoor extension to the house has panoramic Windows and doors. On the porch near an artificial pond will fit harmoniously sleeper:

Another way to get close to nature in the Japanese house is an open terrace next to the water:

Interior with a Japanese focus
In a traditional Japanese house, there is no clear division into separate rooms: the space delimited by partitions. Modern Japanese interior style, close to European standards, it is possible to apply various methods of zoning. Great decision to split the room into zones – multi-baffle-Cabinet:

Best Interior Design Photo Gallery: Japanese Residence

Another rational way to razgorodit room – shelving:

Finishing materials
Depending on the destination of the room and materials are selected for finishing. If the outside is dominated by a stone, inside a tree, which keeps the body warm and cosy atmosphere is created by:

Making a living
In the living room of Japanese traditions, you can keep the color, natural finishing materials and accessories with the national colors. Modern appliances and European cabinetry accentuate the originality of the design:

The interior of the bedroom meets minimalism in the tradition of the ethnic group of Japan. Lack of spare parts, furniture, bright décor emphasizes a special charm in the bedrooms:

Rigor, restraint, simplicity and convenience of a modern kitchen with a touch of Japanese flavor of style and respectability of the interior of the kitchen. Furniture facades are smooth, without ornaments, sanitary appliances and built-in appliances – everything has to be very simple and practical:

Dining area – bright and spacious room. Homespun carpet on the floor smoothes out some distance interior and serves as a distinctive accessory:

The bathrooms are also in the Japanese style is severe and simple lines. Bathroom definitely zoned in place for washing:

and zone ofuro (Japanese bath):

Business unit
Room for household needs, decorated in Japanese style, convenient to use:

Principles of lighting
The Japanese pay much attention to the lighting in their homes. The light should be dim and diffuse. Can be used hanging lamps of various configurations:

Multi-system light up at night:

Some Japanese traditions
The symbol of the circle in the culture of Japan is the symbol not only of the sun but also the unification of the nation. So very often in the decoration of Japanese houses, you can see the image of a circle:

Porcelain for the Japanese – a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Many families are collections of porcelain that is passed from generation to generation:

Thus, organizing a modern interior in the Japanese direction using the traditions of other cultures and traditions, adapting housing to the actual realities of the real world, you can create individual and unique trends in design art.

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