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Great 2015 Ceiling Design ideas

Ceiling decoration in the apartment is not less significant than the design of the walls or floor. The ceiling is not only the space above the head, it is an important part of the interior, which completes the design of the entire apartment as a whole. Ceilings can draw attention to or be part of a General view of the room. It is important that the ceiling decoration was harmonious unity with the selected style in the room.

Today there are many ways beautiful and original issue ceiling. Modern fashion design is so democratic, that is to say about any one way of finishing the upper part of the apartment is simply impossible. In 2015 will be popular any ceilings that do not create in the interior of dissonance. So smooth and white (they can be called traditional), and complex structures have a right to exist in 2015.
What experts recommend for selection the design of the ceiling
finishing materials must hide all construction defects in this part of the apartment;
bright neutral-colored ceiling will make the room above, roomier and lighter;
different patterns, relief images will help hide flaws and at the same time will create a focus in the room;
multilevel ceilings and multiple lamps on them is a great way for the zoning of the room;
glossy or varnished surface will reflect and scatter light.
Glossy ceilings, due to the mirror effect, give the room the illusion of volume 3:

Drywall – a universal framework for ceiling
The most popular way of creating a ceiling construction – construction of plasterboard. This versatile material for decoration. Use this application to create structures with various configurations:

Drywall – a universal framework for ceiling
The most popular way of creating a ceiling construction – construction of plasterboard. This versatile material for decoration. Use this application to create structures with various configurations:

Suspended ceiling without any decorations and decor to complement the built-in around the perimeter lights installed in drywall frame. A similar method is optimal for rooms with low ceilings: it will make the room visually above:

Finishing materials
For finishing ceilings in the design of 2015 will use a variety of materials: fabric, leather, stone, glass, wood and many others. However, the tree remains the most popular of them all.

Stylish Ceiling Design Pictures For Your Modern Home

Natural wood and synthetic analogues
The popularity of wood is due to its characteristics: environmental safety, versatility (goes well with any style and ease of installation. Ceiling, wooden lattice, will give a light and airy interior setting. The wooden elements can be painted or varnished, retaining the natural color of the material. Wooden blinds will bring together the theme of the interior:

The lattice of wooden slats on the ceiling well combined with walls decorated with slabs or panels of wood natural light shades:

Wall paneling is also often used as a finishing material in a rural or environmental styles. Ceiling, leather lining, keeps the body warm and has sound insulation properties. In the interior, designed in such a way, the atmosphere of comfort and warmth and a sense of security:

Looks impressive ceiling, finished with tongue-and-groove boards with alternating shades of light and dark. The design of such a plan reminiscent of a parquet Board. It should be noted that fitted tightly on Board some weight interior and visually reduce the height of the room. In such cases, glass construction balances interior:

If the color is dark coating, in addition to it is appropriate to pick up furniture or other decorative items in the same shade. In this case, the ceiling will not make disharmony in interior light:

Decorative wooden panels in the form of plates, lacquered or laminated, contrasted with white frosted walls. This ceiling is quite easy to mount a tire lamps. Slabs of wood accentuate the environmental focus of the interior:

Combination options
Combinations of different materials – another trend fashionable interiors. Continued and she finds in 2015. So, inimitable look on a white background suspended ceiling stained glass Windows of frosted glass in wooden frames. This is truly a luxurious and respectable interior:

T & g floor may not occupy the entire area of the ceiling, and only part of it. Such an overhead structure, mounted in drywall, you will become the center of the composition in the interior:

Paneling can be finished with the hanging portion of the ceiling above the kitchen area. For decorating kitchens wood – optimal material:

Veneer is a very convenient material for finishing curved surfaces. They can be sheathed ceiling and curved parts of the walls. Combining veneer and plaster construction, it is possible to easily perform zoning. The starkness of the white part of the room is offset by the warmth of the wood:

Pasting ceiling Wallpaper is deprecated version of the design. However, if the pattern of the Wallpaper unobtrusive, light shades, ceiling, coupled with the walls in this room will create the effect of obamagate on the ceiling and other effects
Matt ceiling and glossy walls are perfectly combined with each other. This option will not allow you to bend space and transform the room into the room with laughter, as it happens in rooms with fully glossy finish:

The starry sky is easy to create with the help of drywall and led bulbs:

On a small part of the ceiling can be equipped accent panel. For example, to issue its ethnic pattern in bright colors:

Burgundy color is one of the favorites of 2015 in design. Because dark Bordeaux is quite a rich shade, use it in the finish should be used with caution, especially in the bedrooms or children’s rooms. In a white bedroom, it might be sufficient to paint the ceiling and part of the wall at the head of the bed. It is this combination of colors adds refinement to the interior and delineate the bedroom into zones:

Analyzing fashion trends in the design of the ceiling 2015, it can be noted that in addition to traditional materials will be creative experiments.


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