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Grommet Window Curtains & Drapes Design Ideas

The interior of any room requires special attention and careful selection of all elements. Is no exception and the design of the Windows, and sometimes exactly the curtains to create this needed all the warmth and feeling of comfort. Beautiful decor window openings can give the room expressiveness, originality, uniqueness, freshness and even ease.
Depending on the kind of tissue selected for curtains and lace curtains depends not only the possibility of penetration of sunlight into the room, but also the visual perception of the room.

In step with the times
Not so long ago fashion trends in the design of Windows dramatically changed its direction, priorities for maximum simplicity and functionality. And one of the most striking examples of this are the curtains on the eyelets, which are gaining more and more popularity. Of course, we cannot say that beautiful curtain with swags and multi-layered compositions have sunk into oblivion, but more and more people prefer simpler, but no less original curtains.

The history of the eyelet
The history of this useful invention goes into such antiquity that today nobody even remembers who came up with this alternative mounting of the canvas, however, it is known that it was used by sailors. And even then eyelet meant the hole in the canvas, reliable and thickly sewn with a thread by which the sail was securely fastened and to overcome vast distances, using wind power.

The use of eyelets today
Today, the eyelets are a special device consisting of two parts (blocks and rings), which are widely used for sealing holes in various materials. In particular for machining holes in the curtains used sewing eyelets made of metal or plastic. The fabric they are attached is quite simple: you only need to seal the edge of the fabric a special adhesive fabric and tape, to make the bend, to outline the size of the inner hole of the eyelet, cut the planned community and in their place to secure the eyelet, snap one part to another.

What is the curtain on the grommet

In fact, this curtain is a simple direct canvas corresponding to the length and double the width of the window opening, the upper part of which is sealed with a special tape, which evenly cut holes and reinforced eyelets. When mounting a curtain strung on the pipe of the cornice and in the face perfectly smooth warehouses, falling beautiful folds to the floor. The same eyelet almost not visible, but playing with the distance between the holes, you can adjust the depth of the folds. Another very important advantage of such curtains is that no matter how they are not exposed, they will be hard to stay on the guide rod and will not come off with it, as is the case with the conventional mounting hooks. It is also important the fact that the shade is very simply removed from the eaves, it can easily be washed and ironed, which is very relevant for the kitchen and the nursery, because it is in these rooms it gets dirty the fastest.
Where to use grommet curtains on
Despite its rather simple design, grommet curtains on will look great in any room. But the main thing to choose the right fabric. Strict, proper uniform folds of the tranquil air of the matter will make the room light and airy. Heavy and rich paintings with expressive texture with a slight movement of the hand in the daytime will hide the room from bright sunlight, and at night when the light from prying eyes and will clothe a room in both a strict and a luxurious robe.

Speaking of simple lines, which are formed when the drapery fabric eyelets and rod need to say that this design fits perfectly into any style of interior. And if to create an interesting design window to use or multilayer threaded curtains, it will be pretty original effect. Not to mention that luverne mount paintings easily be combined with curtains on a regular hooks.

For example, the curtain can be collected on a special tape and secure it to the ledge on the hooks, but heavy curtains to make on the grommet or Vice versa. This combination is very expressive and give the room a special charm. This combination fits perfectly into the hall and the bedroom.
Features sewing such curtains allow the upper reinforced portion, which directly and fasten eyelets to make a completely different tissue. Thus you can easily continue on Gardena theme of the finish of the working wall in the kitchen, or make this part the curtains of the same fabric, and decorative cushions or other textiles used in the interior of the room. This course will allow you to create the most harmonious space.

Another important point is that the closer attached to the ceiling cornice, the higher and more spacious seems premises, especially if the room will be used curtains from flying chiffon or air organza. The word blind from such material will easily fit in the bedroom and in the living room or dining room.

Today it is quite common variant design window curtains with eyelets to mount in the box, when I can’t see no ledge, no rings, and from the ceiling down strict and uniform folds. In this case, the decoration on the canvas can be moved to the bottom product. Tabbing on the edge or satin fabric in tone base fabric or contrasting fabric matching the ceiling or walls.
Curtain with eyelets can be used in the bathroom as protection against splashing water when bathing or showering. For this purpose you need to choose the right fabric that will repel water and quickly dry.
The originality and practicality of attaching the curtains will be appreciated if you use them on the veranda. Ease and at the same time reliability will allow you to create a cosy sitting area in the country house.
Speaking about functionality, not to say that using a grommet curtains on easily divide the room into zones. It is the variant of the organization of space, when inappropriate stationary partition. After all, if necessary, divided into zones a room you can easily make a large and spacious.

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