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Interior Design: Brown Wallpaper Ideas

For anybody not a secret that color can affect a person’s psycho-emotional state, mood and even health. There is even a special colour science that studies the basic characteristics and psychology of perception of a particular hue man. Let’s talk today about brown Wallpaper in the interior will look at ways of its application, options combination with other colors and his psychology.

The perception of brown

Experts in the field of color argue that brown promotes relaxation, allow to abstract not only from the opinion of others, but also influence and to feel the life force and the ground beneath your feet. While dark shades help you to relax and focus, and light to feel the independence, ease and freedom. Considering all the quality of a given color, you can create not only pleasing to the eye and comfortable interior, but also adding in a location other colors and shades to adjust its effect, adding a joyful music and freshness to the interior.

Interior in brown shades will suit a dynamic personalities, leading an active lifestyle, as well as those who are trying to find myself in this life who are looking for detachment and wants to break from the obsessive world.

Where to use brown Wallpaper

Do not rarely dark shades of brown are equal to dark colors such as black and dark grey, but this attitude to such a deep color wrong. Actually rich brown color has a huge design potential, and, finding him the right companion, the interior will be very attractive. Moreover, nowadays it is very fashionable color that can be used in absolutely any style in any room.
An abundance of design options allows you to choose brown Wallpaper for every taste: Vintage paintings, floral monogram, geometric motifs and children’s prints, as well as the possibility of combining will allow you to create a truly unique and stylish interior in the forehead area.

Brown Wallpaper and white combination

White – the color of purity and lightness. It is ideal for combining with dark shades. It is the color of freedom and spaciousness, which visually expands the space.

In this interior brown Wallpaper will be the perfect backdrop for white furniture. Or act only as accents. For example, in the bedroom with bright furniture, walls, ceiling and floor will blend Wallpaper chocolate brown with light-light pattern.

The combination of dark brown and white will look great in the dining room, where you can connect not only Wallpapers of different shades, but also furniture. Against the wall in a dark brown color will look harmonious wardrobe of dark wood, and behold, a white chairs or chairs at the dining table will create the perfect tandem with the bright ceiling and other walls.

Original brown and white color combination looks and decoration of the panels. And the darker shade can be used on the main wall and in the quality of the panels. And in that and in other case, you can choose a Wallpaper with floral or geometric patterns or textured ornamental plaster. In the interior with dark brown walls and white panels to the place will be the same white frames on the Windows, doors and ceiling, but the floor it is best to make dark.

Another interesting idea of using this combination is the washroom. White sanitary ware, mirrors and bright lights will be simply irresistible on a dark brown background. To the lavatory it is best to pick iridescent brown Wallpaper, which will reflect the light from the lamps. Thus the room will appear larger, even despite the fact that its walls are dark.

Brown Wallpaper in combination with bright colors

Perhaps the most striking companion dark brown shades are orange and red colors. Detachment and abstraction from the outside world, which embodies brown combined with confidence in their own abilities and power, stimulating, prisoners in red and orange shades, will create a powerful psychological cocktail that can not only rejuvenate after a day of work, but also energized. But apart from the effect on psycho-emotional state of man is like the combination of colors in the interior looks very natural and beautiful.

In brown-orange Duo will perfectly fit blue color, which will neutralize all the riot of colors.

Dark Wallpaper with bright orange figure, blue chandelier and furniture neutral beige color will create the perfect ensemble in the nursery.

But in the bedroom with brown Wallpaper will perfectly fit orange decorative pillow or blanket.

No exception here remain and such room as a living room or dining room. Velour sofa bright carrot color just will look great on the walls chocolate brown. A great addition to such a picture will be low white panels, window frames and ceiling moldings.

But in the dining room, you can use bright chairs that will set the tone for the room.

Brown Wallpaper and yellow-green shades

Another quite successful combination of brown with yellow or green. Chairs, paintings, pillows and curtains in cheerful shades will perfectly fit into the room with a dark Wallpaper. Moreover, the elements of interior green and yellow can be used not only as a separate subject, but as add-ons in brown and white design. And in any case, these bright accents give the room a special mood.

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