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Interior Arches Design Ideas

The older generation often use the phrase: “Everything new is well forgotten old”. This phrase very accurately describes the modern design trend involving the use of arches in interior design-residential premises.
Arch (from the Latin term arcus – “arc”) are the architectural elements that have the shape of a curved ceiling openings in the wall of a building or span between the two supports. Before been used in the construction of special lintel resting on two vertical poles. Arch, thanks to the curved arch, capable of withstanding considerable strain.

Even in ancient times arches were decorated homes of wealthy citizens, the building of churches and castles of the feudal lords. It should be noted that in Ancient Greece the construction of arches never became popular, but the Romans successfully used a similar architectural design in the decoration of buildings.

Each historical period has left its mark on the architecture of the buildings. At the same time changed and the appearance of the arches. First I built a semi-circular arc of the wedge-shaped stones (such constructions was very fond of the ancient Romans). Starting from the VII century, in Eastern architecture have been used pointed arches. In the XII century, thanks to the Crusades, the fashion for such architectural structures came to Europe. In the old Russian architecture in the construction of Christian churches, as a rule, used u-shaped and keeled arch.

Even a small digression into the history makes it possible to judge that the construction of arched structures already firmly established in our lives. Let’s find out what they are – modern arch, and what is their role in the architecture and design of residential premises of our time.

Their diversity will suit all

There are many varieties of arch structures, classified according to various criteria. In General we can distinguish the following types of arches:
round (semi-circular and segmental);
three – and chetyrehpaltsevye;
creeping (oblique);
flat compressed;
As you can see, varieties of many arches. However, those who plan to decorate this element of the decor of his apartment, first of all, you should decide on the form of the arch they need active or passive. Passive considered to be the simplest design. These are options that you can implement yourself. Arch complex intricate form, overlooking a few areas, the designers referred to as active. The complexity of the arch depends primarily on the General idea of the construction of apartments. To create such an architectural structure on their own will be very difficult.

The main advantages of the arches in the apartment

First, the arch avoid standard solutions, which are renowned buildings, built to standard designs. Due to this architectural element in the room will change drastically, will elegant and stylish look.

Secondly, arched design allows homeowners to get rid of the doors in the room. Will be able to seamlessly move from one room to another. Arch help to visually expand the space and hide some of the flaws of the apartment.

Thirdly, the arches are not only practical purpose, but also as decoration. Moreover, arched buildings are the architectural element, which depends on the overall design of the apartment.

All materials are good
Many owners have already evaluated this popular decorative material. Products made of natural wood or MDF perfectly fits in any interior. Such arches are quite strong and durable. They look very respectable, however, there are a lot. Wooden arches have impressive weight, and therefore can not be used in areas with friable walls. It should be remembered that the arch of the tree need constant care, because this material over time, cracks and fractures, as well as exposed wood insects.

To create this arch is better to use the bricks trapezoidal shape. The process of obtaining the brick arch structure is quite complicated: first arch is laid out, then plastered, and only then gypsums and painted. This type of finishing has one major drawback: the arch of brick impossible to give artistic form.

Manufacturer arches of such material by virtue of any owner of the apartment. Due to the special qualities of the drywall, you can get the design of any shape. The finished product is fixed with the aid ceiling and arched profile, and then spalletta joints. Upon completion of all work drywall arch are decorated with any suitable material or paint in the desired color. Among the advantages of drywall is the relatively low cost of the material and ability to apply it in areas with any quality wall decoration. In addition, drywall arch can be decorated with additional shelves and spotlights.

To make this arch is the easiest way to do this, it’s simple enough to put on the glue. Typically, the design of this type are bonded using the same filler that will be used and further processed. To increase the strength of the arch, its surface is glued filler mesh. After they are completely dry, the arch must be obscurity, and then paint or paste over a suitable decorative material.

Some ideas for weapons
Of course, every landlord when making arches dreams that the finished design is not only decorated the apartment, but also performed various additional functions.

Where is the best place to mount the arch? First of all, in the living room, the hallway and the lobby. Combining the living area and kitchen will allow you to create in these areas for more comfort. Stunning effect can be obtained through the arch, erected between the loggia and one of the rooms. Arched design in the nursery will help to delimit the area of games and recreation. Modern designers are used arches even in the bedrooms – they are used to create beautiful alcoves.

Sometimes the arch is made in the form of a wide portal, which occupies most part of the wall. Most often, this option is used to combine the kitchen area and living room. In this case, you must consider the following: the more arched design, the stronger the adjacent premises must match each other in color.

Between the kitchen and dining room would be worthwhile to build a wide arch with a bar. In the kitchen area, designed in a rustic style, looks good arch design that simulates a home. This arch can be finished in stone or brick.

Fans of modern style in the interior should come unbalanced and fantasy forms of the arches, which usually are made of plasterboard. These options will allow owners to fully Express their individuality, giving the accommodation expressiveness and originality.

As is known, for owners of small apartments very acute question of the functional use of space. Arched structures in these areas can be supplemented wonderful shelves of different shapes.

Arches are a great solution for those residential premises, where you want to hide any flaws in the plan or mask certain constructs that are not subject to removal. Often, using a drywall arch structures in hiding exhaust vents, roof vents and ceiling beams.

Years pass, new construction & decoration, fashion changes on the arch. But one thing remains unchanged – a worthy alternative arches, still, no. This means that elegant and stylish arch design yet another century will delight us with his original design.

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