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Sliding Door Design Ideas – Interior Barn Door Rollers

Doors on rollers is a modern innovation that is primarily intended to save space and then for decorative purposes. The problem of a lack of square meters now very common – not everyone can afford a spacious home. Therefore, increasingly, there are various “tricks” to somehow make life easier in small apartments.
Although it is not necessary that the sliding doors were only used in small rooms, spacious and they also look good. Doors on rollers is stylish, beautiful and unusual.
Now we will talk about the reliability of sliding doors. Some consider them less reliable than swing. Others, however, point out their strength. Frankly speaking, it very much depends on the quality of the door leaf, that is, any door can be either good or bad. Further, it is important how the door is installed, if it is a quality mechanism and its correctly installed, then the conclusion is obvious.

Two types of installation mechanism door on rollers

1. Along the wall
Mounted on the wall beam. Next, it sets the guide sliding mechanism (it moves the rollers). The rollers are mounted on the end of the door (top) using a special bracket. To keep the door from fluctuations in the lower end of the slotted groove for guiding box that actually holds the door. Then the doorway and trim guide frames and doorframes.
With this installation option, get low acoustic and thermal isolation, and poor sealing.
2. Inside the walls
Here the mount is hidden inside or false walls or plasterboard wall. For this installation the necessary alterations, you have to do in the wall of the U-shaped groove. It is much easier to mount the necessary groove, if you build a new wall. Hidden door can be installed in the finished structure made of metal, this pencil case or cassette. Their first set into the wall, then plaster or impose drywall. And do not forget that such a door hidden in the wall, it is therefore necessary to consider the appropriate location of the handle.
This option involves excellent sound insulation and warmth, as the door leaf is firmly connected with the opening, hence the leak.
Now elaborate on the sliding doors.

Best interior design pictures for modern home

1. Door-coupe
This type of door roller has a standard size. Unlike Cabinet doors of the same type, they are not so thin and light, given their purpose. The handle and lock are different from those of the swing doors. Can be a single leaf door or two. The mechanism involves movement along a wall or inside.
2. Roto-door
Many call these doors “compromise” between sliding and hinged doors. Opening, the door leaf is slightly rotated, becoming perpendicular to the aperture, and shifting, in both the right and left. Compared with conventional Roto-door in an open state occupies the space in half. On top of this type of door roller has good air tightness and sound insulation, as around the perimeter of the door leaf has a special seal.
3. Folding doors (organ book)
These doors have two (book) and more (accordion) elements, which are connected with movable hinges. The upper or lower end with rollers moving along the guide. A special advantage of folding doors that, when opened, it does not need additional space due to the fact that her sash are formed. This type of door is perfect and interior, and even wardrobe or pantry room.
– Top (suspended). Here there are two carriage rollers, upper guide and a retainer (limiter) to lock the door. The lower mount is missing that visually simplifies the design. Moreover, there is no possibility of the unnecessary items in rails that would cause jamming of the blade. However, with this method of mounting is always a backlash, that is, the door swinging as her bottom nothing supports. Of course, you can set on the floor of a special guide box, it will slightly reduce the swinging doors.
– The bottom (floor). The cloth by means of rollers moves along rails attached to the floor. Here is required and the upper rail, which will support the door. That is, the outdoor design ensures stability. However, in the rail, which will be on the floor, will always get dust, objects and so on.
Choose for yourself…
As a rule, the same door leaf can be used as a swing, and a sliding design. The only difference is the mechanism of attachment. This suggests that the same materials and decor available for swing and sliding doors. That is, there is no separate gradations in materials for doors on rollers. They can be as swing, flush or panel doors. For their manufacture are also used and valuable breeds of wood, chipboard, MDF, laminate, solid softwood; can be covered with a cloth, braid, with an additional insert made of glass, or without such and so forth.
How to strengthen the wall for sliding doors
When installing doors on rollers it is necessary to consider that if the wall is plasterboard or a foam block, it is a bit difficult process. The thing is that this type of walls are not solid enough to install them in similar structures. To address this question it is necessary to use a mortgage item, which will play the role of carrier bearings and thereby to strengthen the wall. It can be a metal guide or wooden beams. It is better to use a special pencil case, which has a minimum thickness and high strength.
A few words about the doorframe…
Many are concerned that the sliding doors will not fit into the interior through the box. The fact that the finish can be any selected under any kind of style and design. So with that absolutely will not. Because when installing the box joints are closed frames that can be trimmed, for example, a veneer of wood, and so forth. The clearance is selected in accordance with the doors, and the environment. As for the glass doors, they used aluminum design of the aperture, the profile can be anodized or painted with enamel. Of course, you can doorway, in General, not be best just to plaster, then putty and paste Wallpaper or paint. The taste and color, as they say.


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