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Best Kitchen Computer Desk Design Ideas, Images, Pictures and Photos

Computer devices have become an indispensable part of our lives. For many people, the main work is linked to the computer. In some apartments, for various reasons, it is impossible to allocate the additional space under the workplace. In such cases, it is possible to equip a small working area in the kitchen, filling out a makeshift office.
When you install a computer it is important to consider some of the nuances:

the kitchen must be equipped with a powerful range hood: then a pair of cooking and the dust will not settle on technical devices;
space in the kitchen must be thoroughly ventilated, because high humidity will adversely affect the operation of the computer;
system wiring must be branched.
Choose a location in the kitchen
A computer must be fenced from heating appliances. As a partition can serve as kitchen cabinets:

Best computer in the kitchen to set away from all household kitchen appliances and sinks. This is the best option for the office, because any moisture or hot couples will not affect computer equipment:

Equip the workplace can between home appliances and sink, but this may not be practical. On the one hand, water splashes and vapors from cooking will settle on the PC desktop.

Ways to host computing devices
The perfect solution would be to have a computer in the rack. The upper part – the usual shelves. And the bottom fits easily monitor keyboard.

Combines practicality and convenience of a Desk, a built-in cupboard with hanging and drawers. The panel between the upper drawers and worktops, could also be used for a working area:

When the computer is largely performs the function of the TV, in order to save space it is better to fix the display on the wall:

Or set it in a niche built-in Cabinet at eye level of a standing person, and all component parts will hide in boxes:

Where better to place a computer Desk in kitchen

A study in the kitchen should be well publicized. It pays to place the computer near a window. This will allow maximum use of natural light and save on lighting fixtures:

If the layout of the kitchen does not allow to use the space at the window, it is important to pay attention to proper artificial lighting. It is better to use recessed lights, placing them on the computer device:

Computer Desk
The computer in the kitchen – standard solution, and pick up a regular computer Desk, which would correspond to the parameters cuisine problematic. Therefore, the designers offer a wide variety of tops.

For convenience and practicality, it is advisable to use a corner of your kitchen space. Countertop small size can be attached to the slats on the wall and in the corner. On the one hand the design is attached to a corner, and the other relies on legs or a pedestal:

Durable and reliable option for the hardware of the computer Desk can be a long and wide table top. It is attached to a wall, a dresser with drawers serve as a solid support:

The worktop can be fitted with and without supports. In this case you need to use a sturdy mount that will ensure its safety and functionality. The lack of visible support visually will facilitate and promote the work area with a computer:

For two computer devices will need a longer top. It is attached to the wall between wall and partitions. Support for such a table would be more appropriately done in the middle, producing her a dresser with drawers.

Methods and properties of the computer in the kitchen very much. When planning the study, it is important to be guided by the size of the kitchen and computing devices: laptop takes up significantly less space than a desktop computer with the system unit and office equipment.


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