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Kitchen Dining Corner Design Ideas

Kitchen, admittedly, is considered second in importance after a living room in the apartment. And if to speak about the activity of using, perhaps the first place. From this follows the conclusion is that the room should have a corresponding rating.

In this article we will introduce you with options interior areas of eating, its design.

If the area of the meal was a dining table with standing around benches, stools, and later chairs, today the interior, one might say, have sunk into oblivion. The modern kitchen is unthinkable without the kitchen. It has become a must for kitchen interior, although in some cases the best fit is the same table and chairs.
What is this area, variations in its interior, what are the advantages and disadvantages, you will learn after reading this article.

Before to acquaint you with the options of the interior of the area, its design, it would be logical to assume that you are interested in the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen, as such, and he is better than the traditional table and chairs.

Kitchenette: pros and cons
The undoubted advantage of a choice of a kitchen with a dining area is that:

now you will have quite a comfortable place for a family meal, but for a feast, but with a small number of guests, a kind of mini living room. It is very convenient, as in this case there is no need to use the living space. Any hostess is really appreciated.
usually the kitchen area consists of two sofas. Therefore, options for the installation of corner sofas, in a row, against each other, and even in different locations, meaning you have the ability to set the area in acceptable for kitchen configuration. For the supporter of constant improvisation with the interior of the room it will be a wonderful gift.
there is an additional storage space for utensils and other kitchen utensils. Any housewife knows how to spoil nerves deficit kitchen space, because lying, standing, hanging on a kind of kitchen items and products not decorate the room. With the advent of the kitchen area all of these problems resolve themselves.
some designs of kitchen area you can use it as a place to stay. Again, housewife, loving or forced long “magic” in the kitchen in anticipation of some festival, will be very happy with this corner. This option is invaluable in terms of one-bedroom apartment – there is a full bed, of course, if the corner sofa is soft. Comfortable and functional.
makes optimum use of space kitchen room. Where the chairs can accommodate two people, sofa, kitchen area will provide space for three people. Space saving is obvious.
Of course, there are disadvantages in the use of the kitchen area, namely:

the store is not always possible to choose the area selected for the kitchen style interior. So often has to deal with his design that really is quite an interesting job for a person who loves tinkering. That is, even in the red, if you wish, you can find plus.
there are certain inconvenience to the person sitting in the center of the sofa. When necessary to leave their place for some reason, when others continue to eat, he has to disturb their neighbors. Agree, quite a significant disadvantage. But it can be greatly reduced by arranging hourly smoke breaks, which will greatly reduce the “urgent” outputs from the table.
some conservatism furniture included a kitchen area. Usually the furniture of the area collected in a certain manner. Any change disturbs the harmony of the area, which is not true in the case of traditional area with chairs.
Now, if after reviewing all the pros and cons, you have left the idea to have in the kitchen area, get familiar with the options of its execution and design.

Kitchen: selection and placement
When you select the area you should determine the place of its location. The most popular type of corner is a corner. Thanks to this arrangement, corner sofas, you save kitchen space, more precisely, rational use it. With this arrangement of sofas, you can accommodate more guests, as there is activated and the corner of the room, which is usually difficult.

How to Decorate Your Kitchen Corner Breakfast Nooks

Often sofas are arranged in a different configuration. Here you need to focus on efficiency and ease of placement. The convenience of its location also plays an important role in the interior of the kitchen. It is unlikely you will enjoy the area, who will get in the way “under his feet”. That is a matter of convenience should be taken into account when choosing a place for a kitchen area.

With the help of area you can perform zoning area and big kitchen. The efficiency and convenience of the location should not be overlooked.

Having defined the configuration of the area and its location, go to possible options of furniture included in the kit.

Furniture kitchen corner
The furniture of the kitchen area usually consists of two or more of sofas, dining table and two chairs and banquettes. They all must be in harmony both in color and texture.

The corner sofas presented in a rich assortment. Have a variety of manufacturing options, including their structural and decorative features. Almost every sofa has storage space for kitchen utensils and products, located under his seat or in the back.

This is usually sofas with leather or fabric upholstery with many colors, patterns and textures. Your choice, of course, should depend on the total style solutions for kitchen room.

Chairs at the dining table are not recommended, because usually the depth of their seats won’t let you and guests to sit comfortably and eat. Therefore, the chairs will be much easier. By the way, the chairs can be replaced at any time on any other. So they can “dilute” the chairs of the other views that will add some originality in the interior of the area.

Not forgotten and stools. Their shape is, of course, are constrained by the classics, but modern design idea draws and embodies in its own innovations, making stools more original and functional. Often modern stools have a hidden storage of utensils, ingredients.

Dining table occupies a Central place in the interior corner in the literal and figurative sense. Its shape and color can be infinitely varied, but harmoniously combined with the surrounding space. Unlimited scope for your imagination. This can be normal and classic, rectangular table, and the most intricate designs, shape and material of manufacture.

Decorating kitchen corner
Of course, the kitchen area will look much more attractive if it will be complemented by a specific decor.

Primarily, this can be the sofa cushions. They will make your area is very cozy and comfortable, which is important to create a friendly atmosphere at the table.

Excellent decor of the area can serve as specific combinations of fabrics, located in its interior. By experimenting, you can achieve a remarkable visual effects in the surrounding area space.

Perhaps the oldest of the decoration is a bouquet of flowers in the center of the table or some ornamental plant, if the size of the table. The plants will be fit not only on the table, but also on the surrounding walls. The effect of the inclusion in the design of the nook color would be awesome. Not have less effect also fruit on the table.

A significant role in decorating and creating a comfortable environment at the table of the kitchen area plays properly planned lighting.

As is known, the efficiency of the lighting of the room is considerably enhanced if it is combined, i.e. kitchen space will be equipped with General and local lighting. The design specialists do not recommend too bright lights. It is sometimes possible addition in the form of decorative lighting. But in the case of decorative lighting should be careful, because it can spoil the look of the served food on the table.

Of course, the best option would be a beautiful chandelier hanging over the table. Good taste and choice will allow you to decorate the space around the area.
In conclusion
Hope you got enough information for selection of kitchen, perfectly complementing the interior of the kitchen. Kitchen – this is not just a tribute to fashion, but also comfortable, functional furniture set that will adorn your kitchen and will please her mistress. Of course, the question of the kitchen area is not limited in this article and information. Creative people will always find an opportunity to contribute to its design. Go ahead, make your area more functional and unique, perfectly fit in “local” terms, which you can show off in front of guests.


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