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Large Floor Standing Mirror Design Ideas

At first glance all the usual mirror, which is not something that in each apartment, but in almost every room, became a familiar attribute of everyday life. But did you know that it is a fragile magic glass can become an original, fashionable, and unique accent in the interior. In his power all the perception of space. It perfectly fills the room with light, and in addition to the puzzles makes the spaciousness and lightness. And that is why designers mirrors became a full-fledged decorative element, which are masterpieces of interior art.

Advantages of floor mirrors

The main advantage of large floor mirrors lies in the fact that it is recorded at full length, and it attracts a huge number of men and women who strive to always look stylish and fashionable. And thanks to the variety of designs one can choose exactly what floor mirror, which is more suited to a specific interior.

Typically, the mirror is made in the shape of a regular geometric shapes, but a variety of decorative frames and various decorating items is just not limited. Wood, plastic, MDF, chipboard and even metal are the main materials of which make frames for mirrors. As for the decorative elements, it can be a mosaic of colored glass, ceramic and metal jewelry, crystal pendants, a combination of different glasses tinting, carved wooden items wrought ornaments of metal, lights, and other original designs.

Varieties of floor mirrors

Experts, there are several basic types of floor mirrors, each of which has its own characteristics and distinctive elements.

Classic design floor mirrors are the mirrors of “Psyche”. Its distinctive feature lies in the design. Typically, these mirrors flick of the wrist to change the angle, which is important when the mirror is household items. The essence of this design is that mirror cloth mounted on an axis fixed between two decorative supports. Such mirrors can be uni – or bilateral and usually one of the parties to slightly increase reflection. Undoubtedly, if you put this mirror in a dressing room or bedroom, then all of its advantages will be assessed in full and in a very short time.
Quite stable is the model of a mirror on a stand, the design of which can be very diverse, including numerous shelves and drawers for personal items. This mirror is very convenient in the hallway. The simple design similar to the mirror of the psyche, but here mirror cloth firmly attached to the frame and does not change the angle.
One of the most popular and favorite designers models are the side mirrors. This mirror may be a real work of art. Such mirror does not have legs and lean against the wall. It is for these mirrors make heavy mirror frame with luxurious ornaments. However, it should be remembered that if there are children, you need to take care of a secure attachment when installing this mirror. This model will easily fit in the interior of a bedroom and living room and it is quite possible that will be the main decorative element.
Another quite popular among interior designers model – mirror screen. This model will be an excellent solution for the zoning of the room or easily cope with the role of the tiny dressing room in a small apartment.

The basic rules of placement of mirrors in the interior

I think many people know that the mirror has a great ability to enliven the room. And if to mirror properly find a place in the room, it is possible to correct some of the shortcomings of the room.

To visually enlarge a small room it is best to choose a mirror painting the maximum possible height. The perfect place for him to be the wall opposite the window, as reflected in it the light will fill the room with space and will make the room larger.
To rectangular room seemed square, mirrors should be placed opposite each other along the longer walls. However, this option does not suit the fans of the teachings of Feng Shui. Exactly how and mirror set in front of the door will not contribute to the accumulation of vital energy.

To a dark room didn’t seem dark at the mirror should be placed a few lamps. It can be wall sconces or floor lamps, light which will be reflected in the mirror the canvas and fill the room with a soft glare.
How to choose the right mirror
The size of the mirror for outdoor model plays a very important role, because it depends on the visual perception of the entire room and if the mirror is of insufficient height, it will seem out of place in the interior. The minimum height for this decorative element of rectangular shape is 170 see

Another important factor is the color of the frame. It can be combined with finish floor or walls, and other furniture. For example, a living room with parquet flooring, under color of warm wood tones just perfect mirror with wooden frame the same color.

Bathroom the ideal option would be a white frame to match the color of plumbing, and bedrooms with clear contrasts just the perfect will be a large mirror on the floor with a black frame.

Finally it should be said that the mirror in our day is so important that his choice should be approached with the utmost responsibility. But because this piece of furniture should be in the bathroom and in the bedroom, in the hallway, and sometimes in the living room, thinking about the choice of design for a particular room will be rather difficult. The task can facilitate the selected style for each room. Because frame mirror panel should ideally fit into the interior space and become its integral part.

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