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Large Indoor Plants in Interior Design

It is difficult even to imagine how bleak and dreary would be our life if from the interior of the houses to avoid the usual plants. Despite the fact that living vegetation in our time significantly replaced by artificial ones, experts still believe this is the design direction is very promising. Special attention is paid to the indoor trees – large tub plants above one meter.

Bulk plants, like the sculptures give a boring interior originality, sophistication and style. Moreover, these are minor at first glance, accessories can be the key elements of the design space. Not surprisingly, ornamental trees now increasingly decorated not only in urban apartments, but square shopping centers, free space in offices and stores after all, plants have many useful properties.

How useful potted trees in the apartment

1. Potted trees in a city apartment are a constant source of oxygen is excreted instead of absorbed carbon dioxide. Some plants exude a significant amount of the volatile and essential oils, destroying pathogens. In addition, the filtering of dust particles in the air space to residential apartments.
2. Green trees can increase the humidity in the room. During the evaporation of moisture from the air in the room with plants significantly cooled.

3. Due to its green colour homemade trees have on a person’s calming effect. Moreover they help in the fight against everyday stress.

4. Any room with green plants will be more cozy and comfortable. Even the most boring interior will attract attention for its freshness and originality, if it fit the usual potted trees.

5. House plants copes with the problem of dividing a space into separate functional areas. Large trees or shrubs function as natural barriers, making it possible to avoid complex rearrangements in the renovation of the room.

6. Potted vegetation, due to its special structure allows us to mitigate some of the architectural elements. In the interior, where there are cold surface and rigid construction, ornamental trees perform quickening function, creating a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.

7. Homemade trees can also be used to revitalize the corners of rooms. Often purchased furniture does not fit into the angular space, resulting in this part of the room looks empty and unfinished. A big tub of homemade tree will allow you to conceal this flaw, it is not cluttering the space.

How to find “their” tree?

Varieties of potted trees a lot, and therefore the selection of home plants for specific interior will not be easy. You can buy adult plant, however, it should be remembered that such a purchase will cost a considerable sum. Young plants are much cheaper. However, have to exert much effort and be patient, because potted trees grow long enough. To better understand what kind of tree will fit in your room, you should be familiar with the main types of hot tub plants.

Very low maintenance. At the same time, it is very beautiful. And many types of this tree will allow each novice grower to choose the most suitable option. Experts advise to pay attention primarily on these kinds of ficus as Bengali, rubber and lyrate.

Can be called a real tree in miniature. When growing the basis of a common tree, which regularly pruned to give a suitable form.

Known as the “Chinese rose”. The plant can grow to huge sizes, up to 5 meters. Has very beautiful flowers.

Citrus trees
Have a beneficial effect on human health. Folk love among the potted citrus trees are tangerines, lemons and oranges.

Considered one of the most complex in terms of the care of plants. Experts advise novice gardeners should think twice before purchasing this room tree. However, in the case of a successful outcome Camellia will delight you with unique colors, the diameter of which may range from 6 to 12 see

Dracaena Sander
Or Chinese cane has nothing to do with its name, although it looks very similar to the cane vine. Among the sellers of this tree is also known as “bamboo happiness” because of the ability to attract the house of positive energy, happiness, success and good mood.

Or “bedroom maple” when the bloom throws buds that resemble colored lanterns. This plant is very hardy.

Coffee tree
You can see the sweet aroma, which is manifested in the flowering period. This plant can reach a height of over two meters. With good care the coffee tree will systematically to bloom and bear fruit. According to growers, this plant can produce annually up to 500 grams of coffee beans, almost not inferior in quality Brazilian drink.

The jade
The crassula or money tree is considered a symbol of prosperity. Many believe that this plant brings home the abundance and good fortune in business. Money tree fits in perfectly with any design. Due to its simplicity will appeal even to those who have no skills in the care of indoor plants and time.

Big plants for interior decoration

Buying a potted tree, be sure to ask the seller how to properly care for your new green friend. Every plant needs certain conditions, watering, fertilizing and planting. In addition, it is important to know where best to put the purchased tree. If the selected plant does not require a special approach, it is recommended to adhere to the General rules of the location of flowers:

vegetation does not like drafts;
do not put trees near radiators or heaters.
A few tips for those who already got the potted trees
1. It is better to place house plants near a window, because the trees need natural light. If a window in a room facing North, this accommodation option is for you only, otherwise the trees will not be able to get enough daylight.

2. Ornamental trees should not interfere with living in the apartment. You need to ensure that the Windows and the furniture was a good approach. And even more: house plants should not restrict movement in the hallway or on the stairs.

3. Be aware that house plants add to the interior décor rich green color. The thicker crown, the denser the green spot. Too dense greens can cause a feeling of heaviness and grozesti. To avoid this, the crown of trees is necessary to periodically thin out. Remember that ornamental trees should not overload the interior.

4. One should not allow the situation room when the trees will grow to the height of human growth and will climb higher. The crown of the plant should not block the half-wall and ceiling, otherwise the plants will dominate in the interior. This should not happen, because domestic trees are designed to beautify and not to block the created interior, suppressing, when this person.

5. Each of the plants should be chosen proportional beautiful pot. Potted trees always attract attention, so should look properly. The size and quality of the pots must meet the size and appearance of plants. The earth should be filled carefully. The dry leaves and branches should be removed because they are very unsightly.

6. Because of the hardness of tap water watering potted trees should only be settled by the liquid. After settling impurities settle to the bottom, the water becomes much softer.

7. For transplanting potted trees should use soil purchased from a retailer. This soil is cleared of harmful larvae and enriched need to plant micronutrients.

Compliance with the requirements for the care of specific household trees will allow you to achieve excellent results. Multi-day effort will be justified, and you will be able to create a stunning interior with live plants, a kind of oasis in the usual city apartment.

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