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30 Absolutely Amazing Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas 2015

About a third of his life people spend in the bedroom. This room is designed for relaxation, rest and recuperation. The interior bedroom directly affects the performance of these functions.

Exclusive design bedroom involves careful selection of each element forming the image of the interior. Only luxury furniture, often bespoke, top quality materials and layout space according to individual requirements – all this provides the highest level of comfort and creates the best emotions.

Bed for exclusive interior

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom, of course, the bed. To create a exclusive design bed rooms should meet the highest standards of form and quality. In the manufacture of furniture first class uses the highest quality raw materials. Bed made of noble wood, decorated according to the General style, not only has an aesthetic advantage. Such furniture, in addition to sophisticated design, is environmentally friendly and will last without losing the original form for many years.

The headboard is part of the bed on which first of all pay attention. Its shape affects the visual perception of the whole room.

To create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury, will allow soft textile headboard. For decoration you can use or geometric shaped stitch – this design is now very important.

Not less than the winning option is the use of decorative panels at the head of the bed. Such panels may be made of different density and texture of the materials, and their color and pattern are selected individually for the design of the room.

Impressive and stylish looks wooden headboard. If you select this option, it is important that other pieces of furniture resonated in colour of the wood and the type of processing.

If you wish to select other objects in the interior, you can choose a small headboard, the tone of the walls of the room. This will allow you to place the emphasis on decorative items.

The head of the bed when creating an exclusive design that can find the most unexpected solutions. The materials and shapes can be custom, the main thing that they have formed and supported a unique image of the room.

Color and decorative elements in exclusive interior

Colors luxury bedroom, usually done in bright colors, they give a sense of high style and sophistication. The most advantageous color:

white: fills the room with freshness and charges your positive energy. Bedroom in white gives the impression of purity and nobility. But in order for the room looked like a hospital ward, it is important to dilute the color white other shades. For the formation of a peaceful atmosphere you want to use bright colors: grey, beige. To enliven the atmosphere can be diluted white bright contrasting shades.
grey: one of the most fashionable colors of the bedroom. The room, decorated in the colors, looks noble and very stylish. This grey unloads the subconscious, and this has a positive effect on emotional state.
beige in combination with brown is able to Refine and create the atmosphere of luxury in the interior. This combination of warm colors will create an unusual effect: a feeling of comfort when external rigor and conciseness.
black: another great option for luxury bedrooms. Proper combination of black with other shades can add glamour and grandeur to even the most simple interior. When used correctly, this color creates depth and expressiveness space.
Equally important in creating the style of play room for more detail of interior: textile, decorative items, lamps. For example, a few bright pillows or blanket with the original print can add colors to liven up the atmosphere.

Table bright colors, in combination with pillows and painting adds audacity, while not upsetting the delicate style of the room.

Also look strikingly paintings, which in General muted tones of the room can be quite bright.

The lamps in the design also play a role. The chandelier can be a major design element of a room that sets the tone for the entire atmosphere of the room.

Zoning bedroom

To provide comfort and enhance functionality, the room can be divided into areas, each of which will have its purpose. Exclusive design involves the most convenient for the owner of the layout. Bedroom can be combined with the following areas:

living room: placing the bed against one wall, the area for receiving guests can roughly distinguish by putting a chair or sofa back to the sleeping place. Thus, in combination with a table, living area will gain a clear location.
study: despite the fact that this area performs the opposite function, it is very convenient to combine with a bedroom. The calm atmosphere of the bedroom will allow you to concentrate better at work. Important when combining these two zones is strictly delineate the space.
boudoir: most women like to have this area in the bedroom. The atmosphere of the boudoir and bedroom are very similar, so dressing table can be placed next to the bed. In this case, the zone does not require strict separation.
bathroom: standard solution on unification of bedroom and bathroom has its advantages. For example, it is very convenient immediately after the soul to move in the bed, or Vice versa, after a dream to be taken for water treatment.
For the legend of the boundaries of the different zones in the same room usually use the following techniques:

multi-level ceiling, podiums, protrusions or niches in the walls;
installation of cabinets and racks along the border areas;
shutters and partitions.

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