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30 Marvelous Bathroom Window Design Ideas

The desire to make a bathroom comfortable and the desire to increase the space is a driving force, allowing to find creative techniques in solving aesthetic problems.

In urban construction window for the bathroom is not provided, but in the observance of the SNP allowed the adjustment of the model to the layout. Cut a doorway will ensure the penetration of daylight, ventilation and stimulate him.
Simulated window
In flats it is sometimes difficult to make the opening for the window, but if there was such a need, a continuous wall is acceptable to make a false window. Appearance of purchase design is no different from the standard type. In a frame can be inserted conventional frosted or patterned glass. Will make the interior unique stained glass window, fitted spotlights.

This design course will visually expand the walls, but you need to equip niche, and inserted panel equip on the sides of the bulbs. Making the background of the window canvas bright light will create the illusion of natural lighting.

Nice, soaking in the tub at the same time enjoy the process, and look at the natural panorama. And when you consider the fact that modern designs private homes include the organization of several functional areas: bathroom and dressing room, the judgement in the organization of space allows us to speak about double the comfort.

Some tips on configuration
In the design of the private room are welcome coincidence forms: bath and window opening. The choice of configurations in the making of frames is not limited, as in the production of cast iron products. Version rectangular, oval, round, including non-standard types have become commonplace, and in support of the coincident lines of frames and tubs look amazing. Better to take it into account at the design stage of the house, when you come from a diversity of architectural forms. To find the optimal solution in a city apartment will help your own creativity.

If the geometry of the window and place, do not forget about the wide windowsill. Spacious design will serve as a beautiful shelf for bath accessories or motivate decorating interior tropical plants that love humidity and light. A mini-greenhouse will be the best decoration of the room. Important not only the parameters of the window, but the placement of the bath. Interesting idea of its location directly next to the window.

For rooms with high humidity plastic frames are used much more frequently than wooden structures. You should choose models with adjustable tilt sashes. Usually they are fitted with climatic air valve that allows you to control the evaporation in the room and provide a pleasant microclimate. Mounted under the radiator is designed to resist fogging of the glass.

Choose color
The preference of facing materials will depend on the amount of repair, and the color palette will affect the visual perception of space. For example:

variations on a theme design or raspberry lavender color will make the room luxurious;
dominant red – the right solution for spacious rooms. Even partial use of color will give the room elegance;
plain light color of the walls and floor will have a positive impact on the perception of a bathtub;
to emphasize the advantages of white color can motley Roman shades.
the presence in the bath wooden benches to be associated with SPA interior, and promote the rapid relaxation;
contrasting combination, as a small checkerboard prints on the wall and white tiles on the floor, will create the desired effect expanse;
a reminder of summer will become neutral vinyl siding colors with a border of stone that fit well into modern styles;
tiles with vintage pattern is also relevant for trendy wall design.
Nautical theme
The classic solution – blue design. Nautical theme will support round the window, and will add originality figural mosaics on the walls, reminiscent of pebbles, laid in the bottom walls of the wave.

To illustrate them decorate the exterior portion of the washbasin to match the walls, and hang a couple of attributes in this style. Perhaps it will be a decorative compass or the layout of the ship.

Blue is associated with water and organic for that zone. It can be used to finish, combining with close shades, but if you don’t have enough light, will help the lamps and the glare of chrome plumbing parts.

Ladies boudoir
I wish to turn the bath into a private area? Lining the walls in pink, the feminine version of the decor. If you dilute the space turquoise or combine with grey, it will look very pretty, and will eliminate the sensation is purely a ladies salon.

Also on moist areas to lay the gray tile and the walls are painted in pink. The usual tiled floor and is allowed to replace a water-resistant laminate flooring, smooth walls painted with pink paint. A large mirror and a window frame with the same forms, abramsen identical.

Plant delicate ornament on the walls will compete with the pink color, and will become an alternative “soft” design that does not require additional embellishments.

Window Dressing Images and photos

Tile is bought in a set consisting of wall and floor types, harmonious in color. Positive charge of the design of the walls in amber-yellow tone or a combination of two colors: light and dark. A different key is designed to provide comfort, and make the design unique. But the highlight of the interior can be colored tile grout, in contrast to the tile. In any case, it creates fresh ideas for decoration in the decoration.

Although ceramic tiles in modern trends minimized, and practical finish is used in areas where water is in direct contact with the surface of the walls of the shower room or space near the sink, without it not to manage. Offers building materials are not limited to glazed tiles, the range of versions is so broad that it allows you to choose the option to taste and purse.

Agglomerate – tech material that has the appearance of a tile, but differing in thickness;
Plastic panels – one of the inexpensive, practical way of decorating walls. If you pick a good option, imitating wood or stone, get a stylish and reliable;
The same laminated execution will become an alternative to any finish;
Water-resistant drywall (green) is considered as a trivial option, but will require exterior decorating.
Marble is a noble natural material, and it is permissible to make a chic bathroom, oblitsevat wall, or play stylish interior elements, including the window sill.
Washable Wallpaper “three waves” of vinyl, acrylic or fiberglass, perfectly adorn the walls, and exterior painting will provide them durability.
Mosaic is a non-standard method of design, wherein a particular beauty, which is created by small pieces of tile, glass, ceramics, colored plastic or having specular reflective properties.
Draping the window
Bathroom belongs to the closed one, and to ensure complete privacy, the window should close. Relative aperture it is worth noting that the frame is made in unison with the walls. It can have the same veneer or lamination in the tone of finishing materials or to act as an independent design element.

The most popular kind is recognized as roller blinds. They are well adjusted in height, are mounted directly in the doorway and thus save space.
Textile curtains give completeness to the design, are the decoration of the room, but they require good air circulation, otherwise “choke.”
Stained glass will brighten design flaws, and a beautiful pattern on the glass will be the main focus of the room, giving the style of uniqueness.
The wonderful view and the practicality of blinds uncontested. Durable materials and generous palette of colors of the slats will always help you find the desired tone in unison walls.
Panoramic version
However, there is an opposite tendency when the preferred one is full view from the window. Panoramic glazing on the wall are in demand in private homes or on high floors, allowing you to take full advantage of the opportunity of daylight. Extravagant solution removes the boundary between the outside world and the home.

In this project do not provide for the lowering of the curtains and in the evening, if it does not affect the privacy of the room. The glass may be grooved, sandblasted or colored, which in itself leads to beautiful effect. But, the location of the bath right next to the window, and falling water drops on glass, require curtain zoning.

Geometry in the style of
To give dynamism and decorate originally a room, will help the geometry in the design of the walls. The idea is to divide the bathroom: shower cubicle, toilet and washbasin. For example, in the first and second areas with tiled composition forms a vertical strip, and the area around the toilet bowl lined with material laid squares. Amid the solid floor is a non-standard version visually is not lost, and dissimilar attributes, bath, United by a common idea, guarantee the uniqueness of the design.

Classic comfort
You can afford to sheathe the walls of wooden planks or veneer, pre-treating them with a special compound. The tree is important in the classical style. High quality porcelain sanitary ware and chic tub, in addition to ceiling lamps and minimalist decor, indicate good taste and well-being. The shutters of the same quality will be difficult part of design, but also to perform functional significance. Custom order designs will allow you to bring your aesthetic ideas.

Classic requires space at least in order to hoist in the middle of a bath on bent legs. The tree is allowed to replace the marble, because he has the proper noble structure. Exclusive tiles also acceptable in today’s corrected the interior and fits perfectly in a chic space.

Topical solutions
Modern welcomes any experiments, and the style is often used in the current design. The style involves the asymmetry of the placement of objects, celebration rich palette, unconventional forms of plumbing and due to some eccentricity. With all this, Brooks no frills in the decor, and is well suited for small spaces. Window best to decorate the stained glass composition. If desired, you can complement the frame with laminated colored cover or coat the mirrored mosaics.

If we proceed from the position that recreation provides changing experience, reflective in the bathroom with the surrounding minimalist interiors, good to look at the picturesque scenery outside the glass, and reflect on the beauty of the design. Monosyllabic limited in color and textured wood design may not contribute to visual impressions, but it allows you to escape your everyday life.

Restraint in the arrangement and color brevity is associated with the laboratory, but we should not forget about the functional purpose of the private room. The size may surprise architectural scale, accentuated by white tiles and avarice of the situation. Landscape view from the window acts as the only decorative element, bewitching beauty.

The presence of square meters always open the way to creativity, and your efforts will depend on the aesthetic result. Beautifully and functionally organize for themselves the private area and enjoy the comfort and the panorama outside the window.

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