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Traditional Residence Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Spain

Only three to four decades ago to see similar architectural structure was possible only in foreign films, tells the story of the fabulously beautiful, but, alas, unavailable life. It took not so much time, and luxurious villas, the number of which is multiplied from year to year, no one is striking in its splendor.
Most of these original buildings scattered throughout the territory of the black sea coast. However, to meet a similar architectural structures in other regions of the country. Our attention was drawn to one of these waterfront villas with access to the sea.
The mansion, built in the Mediterranean style, has its own characteristics. Thanks to some of the problems inherent in this architectural direction, these homes are easy to learn from the many similar buildings.

The architectural features of buildings, decorated in a Mediterranean style
1. The predominance of light shades for the walls (white, beige, cream).
This color scheme contributes to a better reflection of solar rays, making the house more comfortable.

2. The presence of flat roofs, covered with tiles.
This design allows homeowners to sunbathe without leaving home.

3. A large number of semi-open spaces
Arboured verandas, spacious balconies and covered terraces help the inhabitants of the southern regions to escape from the heat on the hottest days.

4. The use of natural materials
At facing of walls and floors are often subjected to various kinds of natural stone. Out of competition also wood and ceramics.

5. The arrangement of patios and pools next to the house
These bright “Islands” give the main structure a more scenic views and provide owners a comfortable stay on the territory of the court.

Exterior features built in
Barely set foot on the territory of the Villa, we immediately find ourselves in the fabulous Mediterranean Kingdom. The two-story building, stretching along the coast, has a rather squat appearance. The building has a very bizarre form: the structure consists of several parts, smoothly transitioning from one to another. The inner and the corner part of the building is made in the form of small towers with loopholes.

The walls of the building painted a nice cream color. Most of the Windows of the first floor has an arcuate shape. The window openings of the second level is decorated standard, however, thanks to decorative shutters brown color, giving the building a special flavor, look quite impressive.

The roof is covered with tiles, has a sloping shape. All parts of the buildings have their own unique features: here you can see both flat and gable surfaces. There are even roof in the form of turrets, giving the structure the appearance of a medieval castle.

The project includes several separate entrances to the house, decorated in the form of arches. The property has a nice patio with a fountain and pool.

Mediterranean Luxury House in Spain Pictures

The unity of style and colors
The inner part of the building is made in a single color. All rooms of the Villa are dominated by a creamy brownish shades. All surfaces and accessories look very harmoniously and holistically: almost white walls, yellow-beige floors and window frames of exquisite chocolate color. As the main color accents in some of the halls are used potted flowers, bright Wallpaper on the walls and colored tiles.

A significant portion of the rooms inside the building is also decorated in a Mediterranean style. The first thing you should notice is the huge number of arches having different sizes and quite intricate shapes. These designs are very well combined with Windows an arcuate shape and rounded arches that significantly expand the space and make it easy to move from one Villa to another. In some rooms there are double wooden doors of the classical form.

Another element of design Mediterranean Villa are a massive ceiling beams, painted in a deep brown color. This attribute is also typical for the former factory premises, is present in almost all rooms of the building. Wooden beams repeat the form of the ceiling. In some halls they even have a slanted view.

As the main material for the flooring of the selected tiles. In the interior of the Villa is used ceramics of various forms:

simple rectangular;
hexagonal (honeycomb).
This material is chosen by the designers for a reason. First, ceramic flooring well to keep cool. Secondly, this tile is resistant to temperature and moisture. And thirdly, it is very easy to use and beautiful.

Tile in the kitchen is used not only as the basis for floor and for wall design. When finishing panels used ceramics with unusual patterns.

Furniture and accessories: the influence of the South
All the items of furniture in the house is picked up so that its occupants were provided with a maximum level of comfort. Here you will not meet something extravagant, exclusive and very expensive. All the furniture in the house is:

squat form.
The most unusual room of the Villa can be called a bedroom equipped with many bunk beds. Thanks to striped fabric curtains covering the bedroom areas, the hosts and the guests of the Villa for a very comfortable stay. To lift to the top floor design-the design of the Villa provides sustainable wooden stairs. In the room there are built-in drawers for storing clothes and other useful things.

The house is not too many decorative accessories and things. Major decorations of the mansion can be distinguished:

mirror in carved antique frames;
chandeliers, decorated “antique”;
all sorts of vases, paintings, figurines and table lamps.
Features Villa lighting
The problem of lighting in Mediterranean buildings is not too severe due to the influence of factors such as:

the influence of the southern climate;
big daylength;
architectural features (the presence of a huge number of Windows).
A significant portion of light gets into the house by natural means through the arcuate and rectangular window openings. Artificial lighting provides illumination of certain areas (e.g. the area of the table, beds or cabinets in the bathroom. To do this, the Villa has various lighting fixtures: chandeliers in the form of chandeliers, table lamps and spotlights.

The sea surface at a glance
The most scenic areas of the country Villa is a terrace and patio overlooking the sea coast. You can admire the romantic scenery and enjoy the smell of seaweed, not very far from home. This terrace has comfortable furniture: sofa and chairs with wooden armrests and a low table of rectangular form.

Another relaxation area equipped with a swimming pool. There are several comfortable padded sunbeds with carved metal armrests and many ornamental plants in tubs. Near the house you can see a lot of green plantings and shrubs.

Our familiarity with country Villa nestled close to the coast, coming to an end. A truly fabulous architectural structure will be long remembered for its spacious rooms, vaulted ceilings, elegant arches and antique chandeliers, and most importantly – the intoxicating smell of the sea and algae, giving the feeling of boundless freedom.


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