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30 Tips on Choosing a Dresser Mirror

Dresser with mirror today there are in each apartment, but not many people know what a long way conversion took place this stylish and functional piece of furniture before he easily began to fit into any set, ranging from sleeping to furniture for the bathroom.
History of chest
The chest is one of the most ancient pieces of furniture, the progenitor of which is the chest. Antique chest has come a long way until it was so graceful and fashionable element. Initially to bulky chest legs were attached, after a hard cover replaced the door, and after some time began to make popular to this day drawers.

Special luxury shape with smooth curves and finishing of precious stones, mother-of-pearl, ivory and even tortoise shell dresser acquired in the era of Rococo. And that’s when there are several varieties of this piece of furniture, chests of drawers were made for different areas. Dressers with mirrors, as a rule, intended for the living room, but the rooms were set dressers without mirrors and more modest finish.

Replaced Rococo came more modest, but clear lines of Empire and classicism. For making chests of those times the most popular was dark mahogany, the product of this expensive material was subjected to a thorough polishing, giving him an even greater pomp.

The dresser in our days

Despite the fact that since the days of bulky chest it took an enormous amount of time his descendant and today remains at the peak of popularity. And this is quite understandable, because the drawers are quite practical and in terms of functionality and in relation to the occupied space in the room. But especially good dressers with mirrors. Such models simply fits perfectly into the atmosphere of an entrance hall, living room, bedroom, child’s room for teenage girls and even in the bathroom and will decorate the interior.
Dresser with mirror in the bedroom
The dresser can be an excellent alternative to the dressing table, which usually fits an order of magnitude smaller things. Therefore, if the bedroom is allocated a small room, and every ten centimeters play an important role, then the chest will be the perfect solution for creating a comfortable and functional interior. In the bedroom for two persons it is best to choose a set of drawers in two rows. This will give everyone enough to rationalize the use of personal belongings. The top of the dresser may well be the location for cosmetics, various boxes, photo frames and other details. Near the mirror very elegant look candlesticks or night lights that are reflected, will fill the room with a soft and warm light.

Dresser with mirror in the bedroom can be placed in front of the bed and to the side. He may be the same color as the entire bedroom set, and may become bright or contrasting accent in the interior.

Dresser with mirror in hallway

Choosing furniture for the hallway not to consider the option of drawers with mirror. This piece of furniture will not take up much space in the hallway, in his drawers, you can store keys, gloves, umbrellas and other useful things, while going out in the mirror above the dresser is always possible to correct the hair.
The drawers in the room for a Dresser in the living room
Living room in each house is the most elegant room, but because there is the place of original ideas. One of these may become dresser with mirror, but the main thing to choose the right model. For this purpose, the ideal of drawers in the style of Rococo. Lavishly will look set with armchairs, sofa, coffee table and chest of drawers in bright colours. For the living room it is best to choose a model with huge mirrors and if the chest is hard to find, it is quite possible to find a large mirror separately, the main thing that it came in style to the rest of the furniture in the room.

The drawers in the bathroom

Happy owners of a large bathroom can afford such a luxury as a chest of drawers with mirror. Strangely enough, but this piece of furniture will be here very convenient. In his drawers easily accommodate a variety of electrical appliances such as hair dryers, Curling irons and apparatus for dry nail Polish, and other feminine things. And if you take the model with doors, then the drawers can easily accommodate bottles and packs with detergents. Near this chest of drawers will need to make a quality artificial lighting that will fully appreciate women, because the right lighting collateral perfect make-up.

All girls, regardless of age love to imagine in front of the mirror. And given this fact, why not take care of that little fashionista was my personal huge mirror. Of course, you can put in a child’s large closet with mirrored doors, but it may not be quite safe, and a dressing table at least inappropriate. But the dresser is exactly what you need! Besides, the boxes will fit children’s clothes or toys. The main thing is to choose a model of the chest, which is most suitable for the growth of the child. Let it be wide but not very tall dresser, so that the girl could easily see herself in the mirror.

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