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Mirrored Walls: Creative Home Ideas

Relation to this subject, as the mirror has always been far from unequivocal. This is one of the most mysterious objects of our everyday life: according to old folk legends, a man and his reflection in the mirror is connected by a magical connection. In ancient myths and legends of the mirror can be misleading and to reveal the truth, to send a man to travel back in time, to open the door in the other (parallel) world and return back. Over time the mystery of the mirror does not fade: in addition to its main function is to show a person’s appearance mirrors function as decorative elements in the design accommodations and are capable of much, though not quite magically.

Mirrored wall in the interior is at the same time original design and the way to increase the space in the apartment.

For to increase the visual space use a separate mirror, and the whole mirror wall. This is quite a large area of the vertical surface, filled with mirrored panels, tiles or panels. Using the mirrored walls can be achieved visually enlarge the area of housing and to create a feeling of extra light:

The wall in the room with the use of mirrors can be decorated in different ways. For stressed elegant interior is the most appropriate method of allocation will be mirrors of regular geometric shape in frames in the style of the entire room:

However, do not forget about some “cunning” mirrors. This is quite a complex tool in interior design. Inconvenient location of the mirrored walls in a small room will not increase and reduce its volume. Posted in the headboard panel in a narrow rectangular room reflects the opposite wall and forms a closed space. Tinted mirror also does not create a feeling of spaciousness:

Mirror wall is able to significantly increase the space in cases where the interior of the rooms are in very bright colours, and in the mirror displays box or wide doorway:

Mirror panels

Art composition composed of a variety of mirror elements, called mirror panels. It serves as a decoration of any situation. For making such compositions use mirror tiles in different sizes and colors. Panels may take the full surface of the wall or only part of it.

In the classic version, this can be a traditional right rectangles, arranged from floor to ceiling that will allow you to expand the space in height and width:

In rooms with non-standard design is appropriate to combine the mirror panel with other decorative details. For example, the mirror surface can be decorated wooden plates or strips positioned horizontally:

Vintage interior, where there are several ancient elements, it is appropriate to use the mirror panels, assembled from plates in antique frames. This method will create the desired style in the interior decoration of the room and will combine vintage jewelry:

For Victorian style, you can find extraordinary ways to decorate a mirror panels with graceful curved patterns. In the same style, you can decorate the interior door:

Mirror tiles with bezel

One of the most common ways mirrored panels is the use of beveled mirrors. Arrissing – way decorative edge mirrors or glass, in which is formed a beveled edge. A tile with a beveled edge creates a unique and exclusive interior. Most of these panels are used in bathrooms, because the mirror tiles are resistant to moisture, chemicals and pollution. When selecting the music you want to consider the fact that caring for the mirror surface must be very careful to keep it in good condition.

In combination with ceramic or marble walls mirrored panels with beveled tiles create a unique interior, visually expand the space and fill the apartment with light:

Design bedside mirrors

Bedroom interior unthinkable without mirrors. The most popular is the way the mirrors in the headboard. If this part of the room is a niche, the mirror panel will visually extend the space and give the originality of the interior:

Mirrored wall, located in a square room at the base of the bed will make your bedroom more spacious and bright, provided that the mirror will reflect the glass entrance door opening to the garden:

The headboard is not necessary to completely fill the mirror panel. If the bedroom does not need a visual extension or the lighting space, enough to accommodate two small symmetrical mirror enclosed in original frame, matching the texture and color throughout the interior:

In the bathrooms the most common location of the mirror surfaces remains of the wall above the sink: it is time-tested and convenience way. Mirror wall can be placed on a whole wall. This sufficiently increases the volume of the room:

In the bathroom with a sufficiently large area and a non-standard layout, you can host multiple mirror panels. It is important to “break up” the space, to avoid the effect of “Alice in Wonderland”, this small mirror panels over the sink should be supplemented by other, larger, enclosed in a frame:

Mirrored walls in the interior of the apartment looks great, the main thing is to find its configuration, location, atmosphere and style of the interior.

Tips on the location of the mirrored walls in the interior:

it is important to remember that mirrors increase the display twice, so should not be placed near the mirrored wall of the massive furniture and other large items;
a wall mirror can visually expand the space, if it will reflect natural and artificial light sources;
not recommended to place the mirrored wall in front of the other mirrors, or doors.

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