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Floor Lighting Interior Design 2015: pictures, photos, images, Ideas

As you know, the lamp is a lamp, standing on the floor and supporting the shade by the bar. From the variety of lighting fixtures, lamps, without doubt, are the most pet-friendly, cozy and comfortable. Soft, diffuse light quietly flows from under the lampshade and nice lights space, providing the opportunity to lounge around, read a book or just chat with family and friends in the evening after a busy day.

From the days when grandma’s lamp, the shade decorated with a fringe, was a family heirloom, passing from generation to generation, soothing light floor lamp we associate with peace of mind and home comfort. But modern lamps are far from our memories, from the point of view of external aesthetics.

Going to the store to purchase lighting fixtures, get ready to be confused by the variety of proposed models, colors, shapes and sizes. Designers around the world submit their original ideas that can meet the most demanding needs, the most demanding requirements.

If your repair has been completed and only the final touches on decorating a room or for you as a model landlord plan to advance all the details, including the purchase of lighting equipment, this publication might be useful for you. We offer you a kaleidoscope of models of floor lamps for every taste, the ability to successfully integrate into any style of interior, in the room of any shape and size.

Than good lamps?
Everyone understands that the main function of the lamp – securing a certain level of ambient light. But the functionality of these outdoor lighting is not finished. The lamp helps to zone the space. It is obvious that the area in which is located a floor lamp is designed for relaxing with a book, watching TV or just in the easy chair or on the couch, talking with the household.

Besides the obvious functions, there is also the underlying functionality – decorating. Obviously, in a broad sell in these days you can find a model for any style of interior. There are models that will successfully fit into the interior, and will not distract, in contrast, there are many variants of floor lamps that can become the focal point of the living room or bedroom. It all depends on what effect the presence of the lamp in the room you expect.

60 Ideas: Modern And Vintage Floor Lamps – Elegant Interior Design

If we talk about the advantages of floor lamps compared to wall or table lamps, they have some obvious advantages:

to install the lamp there is no need to drill holes in the wall (as in the case with wall lamps, sconces);
outdoor lamp mobile, you can move it anywhere, deploy any way you want to, just socket close by was;
the lamp does not need to be nightstand, dresser or table for installation (as this is required for table lamps);
depending on the height of the lamp, he is able to visually increase the height of the room.

Options outdoor floor lamps or how to find your model

As already mentioned, the lamp is the tripod that holds the lampshade. Now options of racks, lampshades and additions to them may be a great many. The materials used as the design base and the lampshade – as the mass. Any rigid classification of types of lamps does not exist, but conditionally they can be divided into the following types:

floor lamps with shade;
decorative floor lamps;
floor lamps for reading (with spot);
floor lamps-spotlights.
Floor lamps with shade
This is the classic version floor lamp consisting of a stand, a high tripod and secured at its peak lampshade. It is known that the lampshade is responsible for the technical characteristics of the device, the level of dispersion and background illumination.

Traditional outdoor floor lamps have a cone-shaped lampshade. But nowadays you can find many models, demonstrating a huge range of shapes, sizes and colors that can satisfy the needs of any stylistic direction and homeowner with any size of budget.

Contemporary And Vintage Floor Lamps Ideas To Light And Decorate  Your Rooms.

As materials for the manufacture of lamp shades used:

rice paper;
acrylic plastic.
Using one or another material for the production of lampshade, designers reach solutions to various design problems. Different kinds of materials in different ways is able to transmit light, and using various forms of shades, you can control the flow of light – dissipating it or putting it in a bun. This property designers skillfully use all over the world, creating exclusive models of floor lamps.

The main task floor lamp – provide additional lighting. Therefore, it is not customary in the lamp, insert the bulb, equal to or exceeding the power of the main light source. But, if the situation requires addressing issues Central light, you can purchase a floor lamp with power control.

Traditional floor lamps are height from 1 m to 2.5 m and can be performed in a multitude of design options ranging from massive carved tripods with bright shades, until translucent glass bases with a light material top.

Comfortable outdoor floor lamps with tables are models that provide two functions in one. You don’t need to reach for the bedside table for a book or telephone. For the convenience of the person, the countertop is about at shoulder level or slightly below.

Very convenient model floor lamps with lamp shades on adjustable tripods. The principle of operation of these rods are similar to the ability to change the position of the table lamps that are often used in offices for lighting jobs. You can bring the light on if you read or move the light source with just one hand movement, if you want to gain a more intimate environment.

Models with shade tripod is incredibly stable, you don’t have to worry about children or pet can flip the device, it stands firmly on its three “legs”.

Floor lamps with base, made of wood or material, successfully imitating him, bring some home comfort in the room, which, coupled with the soft scattering light becomes the epitome of the home comforts to which you want to strive after a difficult working day.

Outdoor floor lamps with silver-plated tripod or made under “gold” look catchy and original, even in the presence of conventional design. Such lamp model will be appropriate in many stylistic directions.

Decorative floor lamps

This type of lighting is different from traditional floor lamps that are used to create accents in the space. Not always their main function lighting acts as a dominant. Designers do not limit your imagination. Therefore you can find very unusual models of floor lamps that can safely be called art objects.

Outdoor floor lamps with tripod in the form of an arc now at the peak of popularity. Original design brings an element of uniqueness in the interior, stable, heavy base gives the lamp to tip over, the result is interesting image areas with lighting.

Lightweight fine floor lamps with chrome surfaces fit perfectly into modern, eclectic interior, will look harmonious in the style of hi-tech.

Often floor lamps are available in sets of two, you can install them on the Ob side of the couch or symmetrically positioned near the seat. Often bundled to the floor lamp is a pair of wall-mounted options in a similar style and similar color scheme. Such ensembles of lighting help to create a harmonious decor, homeowners on their own, without seeking the services of interior designers.

Some floor lamps are so unusual in shape and design that their main function is lost in the glare of the identity of an art object, creating character to the room, transforming his personality.

Floor lamps for reading

There are models of floor lamps that are designed specifically for reading, they say that such devices are equipped with a function of the spot – light in a strict direction.

In the interior of such lamps can be used not only with the purpose of creating a reading corner. The stream of light from the floor lamp can be aimed at a picture, mirror, or other meaningful piece of furniture.

Recently in design projects for living rooms and classrooms frequently used fixtures that look like huge table lamp, which consists of a fixed tripod and a sufficiently large lampshade.

These floor lamps look in keeping with the latest trends in the design world, they are difficult to fit into retro interior. Bathroom in classic style, country style, will not be able harmoniously to adopt such modern model. But for the style of hi-tech, minimalist, contemporary, eclectic style and modern style of these models will be able to decorate.

Similar topics model use table lamps to create outdoor floor lamp was used for the manufacture of lamps on an adjustable tripod that can bend and turn.

Black and white color for outdoor lamps that mimic the design office table lamp, the most popular, but there are more fundamental colors. Bright, colorful shade floor lamp can not only become a focus in the interior, but also to attract attention as the focus of the center.

Floor lamps-spotlights

The name of this type of lighting speaks for itself. From industrial and lighting and areas of social, cultural, public, projectors, and more specifically their reduced versions, have moved into the area of home interiors.

Typically, a floor lamp-searchlight is a tripod (sometimes “feet” four) installed on top of a large lamp. Most often forward powerful enough light from the lamp is directed at an important piece of furniture or serves as a backlight, for example, for Board games or reading.

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