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Modern 2015 Fireplace Built Ins Design Ideas

Fireplace symbolizes home. Cave fires transformed into a stylish installation, retaining the meaning and became an independent part of the interior. Dancing flame mesmerizing eyes and magically affects consciousness, awakening genetic memory. In the meditative state, you want to enjoy the peace and think only of pleasant things. Moreover, in a difficult climate, the warmth of the open fire gives life-giving force and increases energy.

Has a value and aesthetic side of the dominant element of the room. In some projects it is seen as a design approach to create environment, ignoring a direct appointment. It is considered an ideal multi-functional model, when fireplace design works in favor of the interior and coping with the problem of heating. Unlike furniture groups, organizing space, the presence of built structures, involves engineering calculations at the design stage. This distinguishes it from the wall fireplace, built in the finished structure. The island model type will require a large area due to its mounting on the podium. In addition, the heater is suspended from above and, therefore, implies the presence of a high ceiling. Bulky structure is used solely as a decorative solution. The heat transfer coefficient is low and a spacious interior, this type of heating is not even considered.

Designers offer different solutions and ideas due to the style and unique design. The construction of independent vertically – falsley specifically for double-sided fireplace in the industrial loft is not perceived as shocking. Installation excellent rhymes and modern trends.Operation of engineering structures, in the form of interior walls, increases the chances to observe the fire from opposite sides. Overall the construction of impressive scope and creativity, but limited opportunities.

The design of integrated models

Furnace part together with duct mounted in the wall or pillar on stage brickwork and hidden to the eye. Review left with only the portal of fire. The size of the camera – 70 x 60 or 10 cm more. In a small room, on the contrary, from the initial values should take 10 see Installed in the furnace grates, provide bright burning. Under the grating is made to fasten a metal pan for the accumulation of ash. In another version of Pets to attach a solid pan and grates to replace the basket for wood with metal rods. Not without claims to the technical part. In case of problems with the chimney until it is difficult to get to, and disassembled the clutch, will ruin the design and mood. To avoid force majeure will help the quality of the materials and the professionalism of the wizard.

If you do not use the inner cladding, the fire blazing looks natural. Sparks disappear in the depths of the dark portal and does not produce the sensation of a looking glass. To heighten the effect, in the finish use brass and copper sheets, doubling the reflection of the dancing reflections and forming the appropriate feeling. With the aim panoramic view of the observed angle of 30 degrees from the back of the camera. For a room in 30-35kV.m enough of the furnace 50, see reality engineering construction significantly saves useful area and compact to fit in any space. The screen allows various modifications, and its form depends on the preferences. Monopoly over a rectangular three-layer tempered glass, playing the role of the enclosing panel.

Niche for wood storage in the built form is not assumed. Drovnitsa is separately or logs are kept in the basket. Deviation from the standard is allowed in falstone with double sided fireplace. Sometimes equipped with an aperture in its lower part.

Contemporary Living Room Fireplace Decorating Inspiration

Struts are separated by type of installation:

Wall model: the main part is hidden in the wall, furnace stands on the Foundation.
Suspension: devoid of horizontal supports and attached to a wall with the chimney. The original design resembles a picture frame.
Corner: a great option for simultaneous heating of the neighboring rooms. This kind of complicated to set up and for this reason is rarely used.
Built-in furniture, gas and electric heaters decide decor, but not treated with the position of the heating. Wood panels are not designed for high temperatures.
In support of style
The concept of the design sets the Central installation. Traditionally addressed 4 main stylistic ideas. Built-in fireplaces rhyme perfectly with the classics, country and minimalist designs. In the first variant assumes the same finish fireplace and columns. For facing U-shaped portal exploit expensive stones. Granite, onyx, marble (no simulation) are harmoniously combined with stucco and natural textures.

Rustic (country) model resembles the letter D and a natural look in the vastness of the log frame, whether it’s rustic mannerisms Russian towers, the entourage of the French Provence or stylized American country with a brick chimney, exposed. Rough porous Sandstone, limestone, artificial tiles with ethnic symbols and ornaments are ideal for external cladding.

Fireplace in the art Nouveau style is similar to U-shaped form of the classic version, but have differences: line a little softer, rounded corners, there are unusual combinations of colors in the lining. The finished design is presented in the original version of the Hemispherical model in modern interpretations allow front facing natural stone, two-tone compositions. Schema combinations of materials and colors are different. Combining, for example, matte black and pink marble, polished stone color of cinnamon in partnership bright counterpart, striking black-and-white Duo apacheroot.

It would seem that uncompromising hi-tech does not accept neither warm nor other silhouettes. Fireplaces in the Kingdom of glass, metal and mirrored surfaces is a living warmth and Paradise island holiday. Everything would be predictable, if not their futuristic design, amazing format and technique. The furnace in the form of a cube, a circle, a truncated cone, an elongated bulb with flaps, rotating models, convex oven, built in a steel frame and an endless materialization creative, ambiguous diversify the interior. In exterior exploit different glass, mirror, tile, glass ceramics and a number of technological materials. Usually bought a chimney system that is set according to the goals and objectives.

The fireplace creates maximum comfort, but the comfort of home is going on the warmth of human souls and infinite love for each other.

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