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25 Modern Flat Roof Homes Design Ideas

The title of “fifth facade” or “fifth wall” of the roof is given for good reason – it is one of the fundamental elements of the structure. Functional load on this part of the structure is difficult to overestimate. It protects the house from natural manifestations in the form of precipitation, winds and scorching sun, helping to keep inside essential for life microclimate.
In addition to the practical value and the roof has decorative function. With it you can give the building a finished look or to decorate the house in an unusual way. The roof allows the entire structure to maintain a certain style or to give it the desired shape.

The flat roof design of the structure
The main division is on flat roofs and pitched. The second kind for a long time was more familiar and used in private construction most often. But the trend in recent years, it helps to note the increasingly frequent use of flat roofs as a decorative element of the building. This form is an integral part of the overall style of the structure.

Modern house with flat roof design

There are several distinct advantages that distinguish a flat roof from the others. Among them:

the relative cheapness;
an elaborate system safe removal of snow and water;
the variety of possibilities for design ideas;
the possibility of using a wide range of materials.
To make the construction of a flat roof is less expensive allows its small size. In addition, simple installation does not require additional costs for the installation and maintenance this part of the house. It’s also worth noting that the technical service of the heating element (flue) or energy (solar panels, wind turbines) is greatly simplified on a flat surface.

That such a roof can be easily positioned communications, fans, air conditioning units and much more is also a bonus to its owner. The facade of the house will not look loaded with devices that may not fit the General idea of the designer.

The safety of the roof during heavy rainfall causes many doubts. They are unfounded, as if assembled correctly excluded the possibility of the fall of large chunks of snow, as in the case of pitched roofs. Usually the snow all winter is on the roof, and then melt water goes into the drains.

Correctly calculated parameters will provide the necessary roof load capacity, eliminating the risk of a collapse of the structure. Some buildings with a flat platform allows even set her in the pool.

This additional area can be used in various ways. Open space can turn into a terrace, a garden, a sports area and much more. Here you can place a viewpoint or to arrange a comfortable area with wicker furniture and a sunshade.

Despite the openness of this surface, roof – secluded location. Therefore to spend time there at any occupation. Family Breakfast or a romantic dinner surrounded by small trees in tubs to deliver all a lot of pleasure.

On the roof with a flat surface, you can use the elements of landscape design. With enough money you can plant a garden that you cannot build on a slope designs. Some nature lovers can arrange for this useful area greenhouses, flower beds and greenhouses. With the right approach and designed to ensure you and your family year-round harvest of fruits and vegetables.

Contemporary Flat Roof Homes Design Pictures

In the interior of such premises, you can use all kinds of machinery design. What is on the roof of the structure, does not disturb implement any designer idea inside the house.

Use a flat roof for buildings, designed in different styles. Most of the design suited to modern styles: high-tech, minimalism. You can meet a flat roof as the final element in the construction of frame houses.

What material can be used
For a flat roof would be the best material piece or sheet. The main property of this material is the possibility of creating a solid carpet. Among its variants:

the bitumen;
bitumen-polymer materials;
These materials in combination with heat insulation, screed and carrying plates can form the basis for stunning design solutions in the design of a platform formed by a flat roof.

The house has a flat roof and the overall style of the site
Because houses with flat roofs are most consistent with contemporary stylistic trends, straight lines and simple shapes will be the best design for such a structure. With clear restrictions in the choice of elements of landscape design does not exist.

Next to this structure organically will look natural and artificial stone, metal and plastic. The terrace can be issued by decking or natural Board. The track from the plates of the correct form will emphasize the severity of the outlines of the buildings.

If the site there are still some buildings: bath, garage, technical room, they should be kept in the same style, then you reach the harmony of the whole ensemble. Perfectly fit into the overall picture of a pond or pool of the correct form. Lighting devices can be hidden. It is better to use spot lights built right into the walls of buildings, tracks, and other structures.

Do not install on-site ornate fountains and skylights with monograms vintage-style. They will make a discrepancy in the overall atmosphere. If this element will still be used, the color palette should be soaked in neutral shades, typical minimalist style: white, black, beige, sand. Well will look chrome elements. They may be the banister, the details of the benches, lighting, garden furniture and more.

The simplicity of the buildings with a flat roof will require an appropriate design of the whole area. In this case the designer is a little limited.


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