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Modern Glass House in New Zealand – Inside and Outdoor Photos And Pictures

Among the modern interiors are quite common unusual, creative designs premises. But to see a truly non-trivial design of the building is brought infrequently. We found for you interesting design project one of new Zealand’s private home, almost completely made of glass on a metal frame. That is the nature of New Zealand’s unique and beautiful, can not speak, it is a well known fact. It is not surprising that there are homeowners who wish to observe changes in the environment without leaving your home by ordering a completely unique design of a private household, with whom we now take a look.

Conventionally, we can say that this unique home consists of two glass areas located some distance from each other, but United by a common roof. Metal frame, glass walls, wood veneer ceiling beams is simple, but it is extremely unusual.

The property has a spacious wooden deck with a Seating area, next to a outdoor fireplace impressive size. Wood veneer outdoor deck was a continuation of the finishing of the building Foundation.

Due to the fact that the glass house is located at a certain elevation, a small hill, with a wooden deck offer beautiful views of the lake and mountains. The designers had no choice – to make a place of rest on the platform was necessary. Comfortable outdoor rattan armchairs with soft substrate have been great additions to recreation areas.

On a small wicker rattan seats you can watch the fire in the fireplace and even something to cook for dinner. To remain on the platform can be in the dark, it has an integrated lighting system.

Led lamp is built not only on the perimeter of the platform, but in the space between the steps. In the dark the movement to the nearby glass house site secure.

Moving on to the wide platform, we find ourselves in the dining area, which is under the roof of the building, but it provides residents and their guests the opportunity to eat outdoors, enjoying the beautiful views of nature.

Comfortable chairs-rattan armchairs, frame oval table with glass top from the same material, formed roomy dining group, which is able to accommodate multiple guests for al fresco dining.

Contemporary Glass Home in New Zealand – Interior and Exterior Decor Photos And Design Pictures

In bad weather or in strong cooling indoor canopy can be closed with two sides, roll-shutters, forming, thus, a corridor between two glass areas.

Taking a few steps from the dining room, you can fall into the room bedroom with glass walls on a metal frame.

All glass surfaces of the bedrooms are lined with wood or red wood for flooring, light to the wall at the bed’s head, different breed – for finishing the roof.

A contrasting element in the bedroom is the bed itself, done in dark, rich colours. Minimalist decor of the room for sleep and rest allows you to enjoy the spaciousness of the room. Thanks to the glass walls, the line between interior bedroom and the beauty of the external environment is erased, creating a sense of relaxation in the open air.

Glass Wall, Outdoor Fireplace, Wooden Terrace

The bathroom is a freestanding metal trailer, with interior wooden veneer and one glass wall.

Despite the modest size of the bathroom, the apartment is everything you need for water treatment plumbing segments – shower, sink, toilet.

For finishing internal surfaces of the bathroom were used the same materials as in the main rooms – mahogany floor, stained wood for the walls and ceiling.

In the end, residents can take a shower at any time of the day (in the trailer has a built-in lighting system), admiring the beauty of the local nature.

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