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Modern 2015 Hallway Decorating Design Ideas and Pictures

Corridor and hallway are an integral part of any home. This is the first room where you and your guests are coming from the street. And therefore, this part of the house must not only meet the personal tastes of the owners, but also to be so attractive, stylish and fashionable to create the right first impression of the home. And speaking of fashion, which, of course is not so changeable in the field of interior design, as for example, clothes, before proceeding with the repair, it would be nice to consider the fashion trends for the registration of the corridor and hallway for 2015.
A distinctive feature of the corridors of standard apartments is their size. And often hallway allocated a small area that very difficult process of arrangement of the interior is what I want to be. But do not despair or worse to cancel the repair, and because of these few square meters, you can make pretty attractive corridor.

First of all, you should pay attention in the design of the corridor is the direction of the interior of the house as a whole. The hallway didn’t fit into the overall picture and set the right mood, not to be confused radically different interior styles, especially if the corridor is quite small. It is clear that the minimalist style for small spaces is the best option, however, if the main part of the house is decorated with a distinct aristocratic notes or, on the contrary, in the style of high-tech in the corridor need to add a few connecting elements which connect different style of the room.
Take, for example, a house decorated in any newfangled style, such as fusion, with a mass inherent in this style of decor, and variegated colors . The main emphasis in the small corridor in this case can be ceiling with original chandelier accentuates the direction of style. And as wall decor is best to choose the picture that matches the mood of the whole house. Thus it is not necessary to burden the space of the corridor bulky cabinets and tables. Be a small shelf for shoes in which do you go every day and a small hanger for outer clothing. Such minimalist design with bright accents on the ceiling and the wall will make the space one.

Best 2015 Interior Design SlideShow For Your Modern Home

Actually painting on the wall is the space – filling. It can help to set the right atmosphere and absolutely not to waste precious space. This is the element that is capable of using white to lighten the space to dilute its sterility. Paintings can be combined with mirrors, lamps and even neon lighting, which is sometimes very important in the corridor, where there is often no Windows.

How to adjust the space
That setting by combining finishing, decoration, lighting and color design can fix bugs in space is known, perhaps, everything. And if in a huge living room or bedroom with the correct ceiling height and the ratio of width to length of the room these recommendations can be neglected, then in a small hallway correction space through design techniques is a real opportunity to create a competent and harmonious space.

In the hallway you can not leave without attention to any ledge or wall niche, any fault here and dignity projections should be used to the fullest. We should not rush to sew up all the plasterboard wall, aligning the space, especially if the corridor of the already too small.

Any niche in the hallway can be if no wardrobe for clothes, a wardrobe for shoes or a great place for shelves and will host a variety of things.

In the wide corridor must be a place for a large wardrobe, coats, jackets and coats are not to interfere in the closet in the bedroom. In this case, the case is better execute along one wall of the hallway. The best option for this design – sliding door and frame with shelves and rods for hangers, the end face near the entrance to another room would end corner shelves. Mirror fronts with upper lighting is the best solution for dressing like this. Such facades shall not aggravate the space, but on the contrary will expand it and make above.

Quite often in apartments ceilings no higher than two and a half meters, and so you want to make the room seemed to be the most spacious. In a solution with low ceilings will help Wallpaper with a vertical pattern, and it does not matter will it be stripes, floral patterns or just textured canvas, as long as the Wallpaper as much as possible out of the wall and gave the desired height of the room.

By using the right Wallpaper can solve the problem with a narrow corridor. If there was such a problem, to resolve it you should choose the fabric with the horizontal pattern. And on the end walls of the corridor, you can use Wallpaper with a large picture or just a plain finish. It can also be the finishing of wood, laid in the form of a batten across one wall or a melange of masonry, which will add to the richness of the hallway and will surely fit in any interior.

Speaking of a narrow corridor, it should be noted that there is another version of the design, which will help to create the right perception of space. This combination of contrasting colors, such as deep blue or black with white or chocolate milk. Just imagine the original interior in black and white, where the end wall of the hallway and the ceiling is painted black, and the side walls white. At first glance this idea may seem rather strange, but something is! Space turns out some immensely high. And it might even seem that familiar white ceiling flew away somewhere into space. Now imagine if this ceiling to install a few spotlights! Of course, these ideas won’t understand everything, but here’s eccentric natures such a corridor very much like.

Interior color in 2015
If we discuss regarding the preferred color for the hallway or corridor in 2015 we can not say that the symbol of this year is blue or wooden goat. Her colors – blue, green, turquoise and shades and colors of natural materials: wood, stone, bamboo and others.

All these shades can be used as a basis, and can act only as accents to neutral white, beige or grey.

In General, more and more people in their homes prefer to use not only natural colors, and materials. This applies not only decoration, but also furniture, and textiles and even decor. The corridor in 2015 must be decorated with natural materials and furniture from wood. Wooden or copper frames for mirrors and pictures, shelves, benches, racks, cabinets and wardrobes made of solid wood and paintings of nature – mandatory elements of the fashionable interior corridor 2015.

This year, as never before in price will be the walls and floor with natural materials, panels of wood, the walls lined with stone, not only give the corridor a stylish look, but also from the point of view of practicality is the most rational decision. You must agree to wipe the wood or stone tiles from accidental splashes from wet boots is not difficult, while tissue paper or Wallpaper can be considered spoiled.


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