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Amazing Modern Wine Storage Ideas, Pictures, Photos, Images

Wine is the sweetest nectar, it calms and distracts from everyday stress and worries, gives a good mood. Its pleasant warmth envelops you from the first SIP. Of course, everything is good in moderation. Wine and other alcoholic drinks, should not be abused. Therefore, pampering yourself one or two glasses for a friendly chat or a nice meal, you plunge into the pleasure of wine.

To this nectar gave you all its charm and does not spoil, it must be stored properly. For this purpose there are special wine cellar, especially if you are a collector.
Why is it so important that the wine was kept in a special place? This is because wine beverage not withstand the temperature fluctuations and, hence, the microclimate of the normal room wouldn’t fit him, he will lose the properties and quality. You must maintain a constant temperature, and, therefore, to create a specially equipped room.

So, the temperature in the room should not fall below 10 degrees Celsius and rise above 14. Humidity should be maintained between 70% to tube covered in mold. It is also important to create the right lighting, in no event it is impossible to avoid the direct sunlight and, accordingly, ultraviolet light, it will lead to spoilage of the wine. If the room nepoddelnoe and it has a window, the better to get rid of them, not just to close the blackout curtains or shutters, and even close up. Lighting should only be artificial. Wine also can not stand vibration, if near your house there is a highway or railroad, the taste of the drink can be spoiled. All this will help you to make educated professionals who are experts in their field. In our time, the arrangement wineries all necessary devices has become very popular, and find the right masters and the equipment is not the problem.

But if you are looking for a more economical way to maintain the desired climate for your wine, then pay special attention to air conditioning. Its installation is not difficult, and using them is quite easy.

Construction of a wine cellar
So, if you decided to create a special room to store wine, then select the room that could meet all the requirements of storage of the beverage. First determine the size of the cellar, it will depend on the number of your wine and what else you’d like to equip a room. For example, in the cellar may not be, in addition to racks of bottles of wine.

Or you can complement the interior table, chairs, stools, and even something of a sofa with cushions. Here you will be nice to sit with friends, family and enjoy good conversation, tasting the drink.

Modern Wine Racks, Storage, Shelves Design Ideas

It is possible, in General, to turn your cellar into a kind of bar is the perfect showcase of wine, low-hanging lamps and a few are built into the ceiling to make it smooth and diffused light. And, of course, the bar itself and chairs. This is a very interesting and exciting design solution.

And if you equip racks neon lighting, then your cellar will find a unique atmosphere and just becomes a matter of pride for you and admiration for guests.

Having defined the dimensions and interior decoration, the next step is correctly selected the door. After all, if you create a certain and constant microclimate for beverage, it is important that external conditions do not penetrate into the cellar. Therefore, the door must be very dense and is adjacent to the aperture.

How to decorate a cellar with fun and wit?
After you have done the above steps, select the materials that will be used for interior decoration. Most commonly used wild stone, brick, wood, and tile or laminate floor. This is the most suitable finishing materials for the interior. They all have strength, resistance to mechanical and physical damage, heat resistance, easy cleaning and excellent appearance.

Wild stone – natural design and magical atmosphere.

Brick – brutality and masculinity.

Friendly stuff and great views.

The floor is tiled, it is a standard option for lovers of the classics.

Even well suited for floor laminate – nice and neat.

As well as any other material of your choice.

And finally, a small but very important advice for all wine lovers: store bottles on their sides, so that the tube was immersed in the content. It also helps maintain the quality of the drink.

No matter how equipped your wine cellar, most importantly, to bring joy to you and your guests, after all this creates an unforgettable intimate atmosphere conducive to trust and friendly conversations.

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