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Money Saving Scandinavian Apartment Decorating Ideas

Scandinavian style is very democratic – connects old and new trends, sometimes allows to use distressed furniture, representing a deterioration in the quality of the vintage fashion element, serves as a means of visual expression of the interests and preferences of the owner, his moods and character.
The result is a comfortable, attractive and modern interior with allowable elements of eclecticism. Near rough furniture stroganyh boards (tables, stools, benches) can coexist soft office chair with metal base, plastic designer chairs originating from the middle of the last century (from Charles and ray Eames and Eero Saarinen).

The dominant colours of style – white and all shades of earth tones.

The white color symbolizes the snowy expanses North of the country, shades of brown – the solidity, security, naturalness. The blocks of color (white and gray) are used as a means of zoning area – work area, recreation areas, dining room, kitchen, bedroom.

One of the main take style – furniture made of natural wood. They can be made with your own hands (or order from a local craftsman). If you supply wheels coffee table or TV stand made from waste wood, it will make excellent use of pieces of furniture not only directly, but also when cleaning the apartment.

For apartments small size fits modular furniture, furniture-transformer, open shelving and shelves, dressers antique-style with pull-out deep drawers that allow you to save space and to allocate space furnishings. Folding upholstered furniture serving depending on the time of day, a sofa and a bed, with enough space. On it, by gathering at family or friendly gatherings, comfortably fit several people. Sectional furniture with closed facades, provided with handles for opening the left or right helps to hide those things that are not used at the moment.

Awareness of style is evident in the combination of furniture, accessories and decor – sheepskin rugs, framed items on the wall. It is small decorative details create an atmosphere of warmth and joyful sensations. Individualization of space is implemented using the arrangement of photographs, favorite images, posters, applications in frames and without.

Wall decorations above the sofa look very artistic. The cushions and scatter in random order, add the interior dynamism and expressiveness. Cushion covers, cushion chairs and armchairs, and bedspreads are made of thick printed fabrics. Prints with ornaments representing the wildlife of the North (river, trees, birds, forest animals), as well as products associated hook or large knitting needles to make a glamorous bathroom, even in gray and white. The love for his country and the inhabitants of Northern Europe is shown in the use of folklore patterns, stylized images of a crest with national flag of Denmark (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland).

Scandinavian style on Budget in Small and Cozy Apartment

The limited footage is solved not only through carefully selected furniture and their rational distribution in the square. One of the optical techniques used by designers to increase the illumination. The illumination system includes natural flows of the radiation coming through the Windows, and faux – ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps. On the eve of the holidays quite appropriate mood lighting in the form of a garland of LED light bulbs.

The Windows are drawn up through the translucent curtains, blinds, or left completely open (with no curtains).

Simple and clean shapes that characterize the Scandinavian style, offer great scope for creative expression.

Cost Saving Decorating Scandinavian  Project: pictures, photos, images

Christmas celebrations surround the tree it will replace its 2D analogue of boards and the smell of wood fills the room, and a lot of places will be required. Small strap on “branches” will play the role of shelves, which will accommodate a notebook with a record of new year wishes, wooden toys, which threatens not break if dropped. Miniature live Christmas tree in a pot will bring the fragrance of fresh pine, and in spring the tree will be planted in front of the house. Branches in a large glass jar decorate some homemade toys foil. Respect for the environment is also a trait of Scandinavian design or the designers who is felled for furniture production trees, planted new ones.

Scandinavian style is a great solution for registration of premises for those who want to combine functionality, aesthetics and budget efficiency.

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