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Gothic Interior: 20 Mysterious Design Ideas

If you want to know the person better, then pay attention to his or her home, the style of which is formed in accordance with his worldview. On the background of any design Gothic style is characterized by its uniqueness, originality and preference for dark colours, among them black dominates, but is also used Burgundy and purple. Rare light green, pink and white colors, but they are not added to please the eye. Only the person who truly enjoy the charming atmosphere of the Gothic culture, wants to rebuild it the interior of his home. It must be something unique and a bit dark, because, according to ready, even in death there is romanticism.

The Gothic style is not going to do in a small apartment or in a small country house, so as to create such a design need the space of a country house or a luxury apartment.
Although this style requires a great height, yet its application is possible and not at very high ceilings.

The materials that you will need to create a style
The term “Gothic” is relatively new, though, and he began to develop in the XII century, so it will require materials which in his time was used by the Goths. This tree and roughly hewn stone. Of course, few would use the original materials. Because it needs to make castle in the medieval style, and it should not for everyone, but the use of such materials for interior decoration will help to achieve the desired result.

Gothic lamps

As the Gothic style has not lost its relevance, lamps, built in this style, perfect for using them to create a medieval atmosphere. The small demand for them is relatively little, and often in isolated instances, so there is an opportunity to create an original interior, emphasizing the individuality. However, even if the lamp is intended purely for the Gothic style, it does not mean that it will fit any design. Each case requires an individual approach.

Attention is paid not only lighting, but the lighting and lighting effects, with which a special mystery inherent in the Gothic style. In addition, the lamps in the Gothic style contribute to the creation of original, full of harmony and comfort of the interiors.

Windows and arches

A hallmark of the Gothic style is the use of seeking up Windows and the like arches. How decor can be used openwork towers and ornaments, the use of which is very typical of a kind of Gothic style, so it cannot be confused with other styles. The atmosphere of the room get filled with grandeur and grace. Windows can be decorated with ornaments, or stained glass. Modern Gothic style tends to affinity with medieval castles, and because on Windows and arches are always drawn more attention to these elements play an important role in creating the style. The main thing to remember that the goal is not to remake the housing in a medieval castle, or temple, and to bring the medieval style, making a graceful layout of modern materials.


It is also important to pay attention to the furniture, to achieve a harmonious picture.

Gothic furniture are buffets with high legs, folding boxes with six panels, beds and chairs with high backs. Acceptable furniture from wood and it should be decorated with carvings. In addition, selected solid furniture. This interior turns heavy, with lots of fine detail, and is rude. If possible, it is not only open, but the doors need to be done in the Gothic style.


A hallmark of the Gothic, the style is applied to the ceiling, is attracted upward. Of course, well when you think about it when designing a building, but if the ceiling is not too high, then give it a “Gothic” look will help you to use stucco, creating the effect of the code, and the device is decorated with open rafters.


Accessories can serve various sculptures of mythical creatures, lions, draperies, paintings or armor Nicaragua Gothic style is perceived by many as “retro” because it’s immersed in the old days, still this is the style modern, because now they don’t build monumental and majestic Gothic buildings. It only helps to create a sense of antiquity, and achieve the maximum effect, allows you to admire the result, if we were back in the ancient era. However, with all the desire to design the interior in the Gothic style, with all the canons almost impossible, because Gothic is a real style castles, for which you need a lot of space, and it is not in most cases. So fans of the Gothic have to use style, in order to give the interior a Gothic features.

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