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One Room Two Beds – Shared Bedroom Ideas

The inhabitants of our country, which already had to deal with the placement of furniture in a typical apartment, well imagine how this process is complicated, when you need to put in the room of two beds. No matter what kind of room you talking about: the children’s room, bedroom or a room in a country house. The size of the housing also plays no role – creation of the interior is always accompanied by numerous difficulties. Let’s try to simplify the problem, by adopting the practical ideas of modern designers.

The majority of homeowners prefer the traditional beds, not furniture type “transformer” or sofas. This is quite understandable. First, this bed, quality mattress, enables a good night’s sleep, rejuvenate after a tiring working day. Secondly, much time is saved, because you do not need every day to disassemble and reassemble the bed.

What to think about in advance

If you need to equip a room with two twin beds, be sure to provide a few important points.

1. Conditions of stay in the sleeping area should be comfortable for people who will be spending their time here. Therefore, you must ensure that each of them was an individual storage space for personal belongings and personal light source next to the bed.
2. Each user should be able without difficulty and unnecessary noise to move around the room. Beds should be placed so as to pass remained at least 60 see This space need not only to free movement, but also to have the opportunity every day to make bed. If beds are cabinets with drop down doors, you should consider this time – space in the sleeping area should be even more.

The best options for accommodation sleeps

Often the design that involves placing two beds, designed for decorating children’s rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms. Each option has its own characteristics and depends on the size of the housing.

Option # 1
In this way the beds in the room is the symmetry. The living room should be spacious enough, because you will need to place next to the sleeping places are not only two bedside tables, two lamps, and a couple of chairs (chairs). A parallel arrangement of beds best suited for the guest rooms. This option allows you to receive and guests of the same sex, and couples.If you use this method of placement of beds in the children’s room for two adolescent girls, the result of your work can be a very stylish interior. To obtain such a space needs to have the same bedding, blankets, mirrors and other accessories that must be present in the boy’s room.

Option # 2
A good solution is the angular location of beds on the principle of “head to head”. This option is perfect for small spaces because it allows you to save useful space. However, its use is recommended only when placed next of kin and children. Remember that if at some point you may want greater autonomy, the head of the bed can be moved in the opposite direction.

Option # 3
In this case, bedroom furniture, as in the previous embodiment, is in the shape of the letter “G”, however, between the beds is left free angle, which can be used to store all sorts of things. This is a decent alternative to the bedside table – it is possible to equip a few shelves for books and other useful things. The lower part of the space for beds can be a place to store boxes with necessary things. Option # 4
You can “fit” into the interior of twin beds in a row along one wall. This way the plan will become the only way for owners of elongated rooms. If you install between berths wall, Cabinet or Cabinet, the space will be divided into two separate areas. As a kind of partitions you can use the open shelves with books or toys.Five practical tips on accommodation beds
1. If the size of the room does not allow you to put extra furniture, you should think about buying beds with built in drawers. This furniture will be useful when storing linen, blankets, bedspreads and towels. Bedside drawers in the nursery is also very useful – they conveniently stack toys.

2. Correctly selected the Wallpaper in the room where you plan to place two beds, to help visually to make the ceiling higher. Recommended coverage with a small figure or vertical stripes. This technique will avoid the feeling of space congestion. Note that the color of the Wallpaper also affects visual perception: due to the bright hues of the room will become more spacious and cold, dark colors will visually reduce the size of the room and make it more warm.

3. When creating an interior with two beds, you should seriously consider the choice of textiles, because this element of the decor plays a very important role in the processing room. To give the design a finished look, and the harmony keeps the same bedspreads and decorative pillows.

4. If you plan to decorate this interior table lamps, bedside rugs, vases or paintings, you must purchase a fresh number of accessories.

5. When the location of beds along one wall, you should use a modular unit. This design allows you to combine the bed with wardrobe, shelf or cupboard. Thanks to her sleeping area will complete and stylish look. In addition appear in the room a comfortable place for storing things.

It is possible that after completing all the work on the design of the room with two beds, you will be pleasantly surprised by the change that it happened. Instead of a boring space, reminiscent of a standard hotel room, at your disposal will be comfortable, stylish and very functional room that can comfortably accommodate two people.

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