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Original Colonial Style Interior Design

Name colonial style speaks for itself. In an era when the world’s leading countries seized new territory, a huge number of French, English, Dutch, and Spanish colonies in America, Africa and Asia. For many years the culture and flavor of European countries was mixed with the local way of life. That is exactly what occurred one of the most preferred styles in the design of residential space, in which designers try to combine the seemingly incongruous subjects of philosophy East or African exotics with the luxury and comfort of the European class.
Simplicity is the basis of colonial style
The essence of the colonial style in that it has no clear boundaries, no relevance here a clear zoning of the room, on the contrary all transitions are smoothed maximum. Not uncommon for such a soft separation space designers used columns, ceilings with all sorts of variations and niches, split-level floors, partitions and screens.

The color space
Calm, restraint and luxury colonial style and is expressed in the color. As a rule, for registration of premises in this direction are bright pastel colors for the walls and darker natural colors for furniture, or Vice versa. As anywhere here would be appropriate olive, terracotta, gold, the color of old wood and ochre. However, this rule does not necessarily exclude the presence of bright and rich decorative elements, but use them with caution.

Materials and textiles for decoration

Colonial style carries a combination of European classical music with such beloved by all the exotic, that’s why here we use the tree breeds such as the Asian walnut, rubber, tees and rattan palms. Also relevant here are such natural materials as clay, bronze, stone and ceramics. The choice of textiles also need to pay special attention. For him there are a few requirements:

it should be only natural materials (silk, leather, linen, wool and suede);
the shades and colors should be as natural, we also welcome exotic prints, for example resembling the color of Zebra, giraffe, leopard or tiger;
used in the interior carpets should display the culture and flavor of the chosen theme. It can be woven rugs from African or Oriental motifs, or fur coating, imitating the color of the animals.
The presence of natural materials in the decoration underline saturated color and make a special charm and luxury in the interior.

In the design of the walls in a colonial style unacceptable Wallpapers with different patterns. When choosing a finish for walls, it is necessary to give preference to either plaster or Wallpaper with texture for a natural fabric or bamboo. Appropriate here will be the panel with columns and massive ceiling cornices. Welcome, and a variety of pictures of nature, animals or some special characters within natural wood or bronze color.

When you make room in a colonial style ceiling erected not only drywall construction, but the speakers inside the wooden beams. The color of the ceiling can be as classic white and exotic colors such as mahogany.

The pieces of furniture that are used in the design of the room in a colonial style, should be made from natural ingredients. Leather or textile sofas and armchairs, coffee tables with curved legs, chairs with carved backs and upholstered seats, wicker chests and beds with canopies, frame made from wood, will help not only to recreate corresponding to this style atmosphere, but will make a stay in this room as comfortable as possible. And the home environment is not only functional, but also aesthetically literate, only bringing pleasure to both guests and members of the household.

Rooms in colonial style should be spacious and bright, be it living room, bedroom or bathroom. Therefore, huge Windows, providing the maximum amount of sunlight can be very helpful. Of course, this option applies only to private homes, the apartment also need to install a large number of light sources. It can be table lamps, floor lamps, lamps and chandeliers antique.

The colonial style is a mix of cultures and colours
This style will appreciate classical music. Here and chic and charm and notes of exoticism that most people, staying exclusively by followers of European culture, one way or another, not indifferent.

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