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30 Porch Canopy Design Ideas

The porch roof is an architectural facade design, which is practical and performs a decorative function. The visor needs to protect the door and the adjoining area from the sun and rain. For example, in the winter after a snowfall, the door without a canopy is opened with difficulty. And the rain and the sun very quickly lead to deformation and damage to the lining of the door.

In addition to the practical value, the canopy over the entrance performs aesthetic function. From its shape, style, material depends on the impression of the whole building. The canopy if desired, is not just a design element, it can serve as a decoration at home, real work of art.
Types of sheds
Character design visors are of two types:

Modular – are distinguished by the presence of prefabricated elements, ease of installation and can be designed with side sheds.
Cast – this visor, representing a single unit with the walls of the house. Different strength and durability.
The materials for the visor can be used variety: metal, special glass, polycarbonate, wood, metal. The main condition is that the design of the canopy in harmony with the overall style of the house.

The shape of the visor also depends on the architectural style of the building and the individual preferences of the owner. At desire it is possible to simulate the canopy most unusual shape.

Front  Door Canopy Pictures and Photos

Attachment styles visors are of two types:

suspended – have relatively small sizes and are made of very light material, as they are attached by hangers.
the canopy from the pillars – are secured by means of props that can be mounted vertically or at an angle (foot from the wall).
Design solution
The design of the visor gives the entire structure of uniqueness and originality, it is therefore important to give due attention. For example, the support beams can be arranged in the form of columns in an antique style that will give the house of refinement and gentility.

Wooden supports, semi-antique, classic gable peak, will create a fantastic image of the building. With the support of style elements in the landscape design will help to achieve completeness.

Laconic solid visor, finished in the style of the building, will help to create a strict presentable way.

Another win-win alternative design of the hood is the application of the same architectural elements with other parts of the facade. For example, with a porch or roof.

Very impressive looking arched canopies. This form will allow you to soften the shape of the facade, and a visually house more welcoming and cozy.

The size of the visor
The size of the visor affect the functionality, and depends, as a rule, individual preferences, desired protection and visual effect. Small sheds suitable for small-sized house with a small porch. It is important to consider the size of the door: the supports of the canopy should allow her enough to plow.

Large visor functional: it protects from rain large area of the porch, and if desired may also be located above the Windows (which will protect them from pollution).

A large canopy will look good on a solid building with a matching porch. It is important to reinforce the attachment of the porch, because more area would account for the increased load from precipitation.

An important part of a professional approach in the design of the hood is installing the appropriate lighting. For free movement in the dark, you must have sufficient lighting. When strict laconic forms visor ideal solution would be to install recessed light fixtures. They will not violate the General composition and emphasize restraint lines of the porch.

Recessed recessed luminaires suitable for illumination of the porch with active elements. In this case, they do not attract attention, keeping the main focus on the active composition.

Hanging decorative lights will look good with a small visor in a classic style. This version of the backlight adds refinement to the whole construction.

Another kind of illumination is a wall light. This option is universal and suitable for roofs of any size and shape, the main thing is to consider the General concept of design in the choice of such lighting.


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