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30 Amazing Ideas: Provence (French) Bedroom Design

The bedroom is one of the most intimate domestic spaces. It is not intended for visits and collective gatherings. This is the place for a romantic pastime and relaxation, filling the necessary energy to good mood to greet the morning the next day. And each of the design tool is subordinate to perform these tasks: color, decoration, furnishing and varied, exactly chosen accessories.

Provence is a certain artistic standard, rooted in the medieval countryside of southern France. Sometimes the concept is treated as a mixture of classic and rustic styles. Provencal style is soft chromatic palette, where the more neutral, as if burned in the hot sun, color – white, cream, gold, beige, green, blue, red and lavender, olive oil and ivory. The presence of gray tones is not only desirable, but necessary.
When placing prefer their favorite colours, but do not overdo it, combine them in a way that could not tasteless composition, which instead of giving the space a Mediterranean freshness, classicism and elegance. the relaxing effect will be irritating. To create a relaxed and balanced atmosphere inherent in cheerful style which is perfect for most rooms in the house will be decorated in the same colours.

Not too much to think about whether the style bedrooms to match with the overall theme of the home, or it will be a kind of artistic “island” created solely for your convenience and peace of mind.

Ceiling. Wooden or stucturally, necessarily white. Large wooden beams of dark or light wood, in addition to the carrier, and perform expressive decorative function.
Wall. Their finishing is applied gypsum, plaster, molding, styling brick or stone masonry, to make more precise the generated image. The walls are painted in a cool shade of white or pastel colours are characteristic for giving sophistication and old types of French country houses or castles.
The floors. Style is typical floor ceramic terracotta tiles, which are easy to clean and has excellent support for cool on a hot summer day. Ideal floors of rough or polished stone.
The first step is to measure the room’s dimensions. This will depend on number and choice of suitable size pieces of furniture, which is supposed to furnish the bedroom. Not always at our disposal a large room, although the style of Provence space – the ideal way to implement all the expressive possibilities of the style. If you are still hot fan or admirer of Provence, limited square footage is not a reason to abandon the dream. Interior details create, and may be just a few of expressive means that even in a smaller bedroom, settled subtle charm of a provincial style.

The furniture should be made of natural wood with natural color or painted white. Massive and rough pieces of furniture rustic is not suitable for thin fine style of Provence, but we should not forget that several handicraft and antique appearance features charming French art style from other

Bed – compositional center of the bedroom. Made from wood preserving its natural color under a layer of protective transparent varnish. The canopy element, which can successfully be used to create a complete artistic image of the bedrooms.

For style is also suitable iron or bronze wrought iron bed with a simple, smoothly curved lines.

Next to a large and sturdy bed originally look bedside tables with thin straight or curved legs, lungs seat rattan with a thin slightly curved surround netting.

Best ways to decorate Provence bedroom on photo

Perfectly suited to the atmosphere of the old gel “from great-grandmother, which is here held their clothes, drawers dark cherry wood, in the drawers which contain natural linen, shifted stems of dried lavender.

The chair or rocking chair draped with a blanket, will create the mood of a warm home atmosphere. Rustic wooden bench or wrought metal seat are actively involved in creating the old country atmosphere.

When filling in the space, you should consider that there may be a good fit with a work area, a sort of vintage mini-Cabinet.

Upholstery of sofas, chairs and armchairs is selected from printed, rough to the touch, fabric or cashmere. Drawing drapery – the combination of large and small floral arrangements, big plaid, stripes.

The most important thing in creating the style of Provence – filling the room with streams of light that visually expands the space. Natural light, especially in the morning, freely penetrates through a kind of filter weave window frames and thin coffee curtains with narrow lace.

The radiation intensity can be adjusted by means of curtains, wood blinds, shutters. Wooden shutters that can be closed from the inside on a hot day will make the room more comfortable past epochs.

Accessories and fittings
With accessories, the impression of softness and fluffiness bedroom as if waiting to receive you with open arms. To achieve this perfect collection of pillows, rugs, blankets, beautiful bed linen, the color of which corresponds to the primary colors provincial style – green Apple or purple lavender.

Decorative elements should be varied, and the more, the better. They add personal touches to the room, and emphasize the idea of transmission of family heirlooms from generation to generation, make the room more warm and cozy.

Curtains, bed linen mixed variety of floral patterns, creating the impression that the garden is partially moved and in your bedroom. Will fit well into the interior of needlework – embroidered or associated crochet capes, napkins, tablecloths. Colored homespun rugs at the foot of the bed or seat complete flooring. Curtains long, from traditional printed cloth with floral or geometric patterns. Instead artsy holders for curtains should prefer simple wrought iron or wood.

A special place in the decoration of the play mirrors framed with intricate antique frames.

Lamps of different accommodation necessary to illuminate every corner of the room, and ideally they should be kept in bright colours.

Frequent decorative element are iron horseshoe. Wrought-iron or porcelain animal figurines – relevant elements, as well as ceramic vases with bouquets of fresh or dried flowers.

Paintings of landscapes and still lifes, ancient and modern family photos in frames will complete created the song and give the atmosphere a slight flirtation, inherent in the style of Provence.

This style is appropriate to make a country and the country house for permanent or temporary residence, Provence less suitable for urban apartments, although you can apply a separate characteristic styles and elements.

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