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Contemporary Red-Black-White Apartment in Kiev – Photos and Pictures

We offer to your attention a small tour of the interior decoration modern apartment, located in Kiev. Contrasting interior of this home is filled with dynamism, energy and positive charge. Kiev apartment is a great example of how a relatively small living space can accommodate everything you need for a comfortable life segments and make it bright, distinctive and original.
So now we are in the entryway Kiev apartment, the interior of which at first glance can be called simply white-red-black, it’s so contrasting, bright and original. Modern design living spaces are increasingly looking for unobtrusive minimalism, when storage systems are masked by integrating itself into niches, furnishing devoid of decor, lighting system, rarely used chandeliers, increasingly, built-in lamps and led strips or lights, and are used in finishing smooth, plain surface, sometimes glossy.

Without any barriers we can out of a hallway to get to the living area, which is combined with kitchen segment, with a conditional split bar. Snow-white walls and ceiling visually expands the space, besides on this background, the black and red look most advantageous elements, bright and clear.

The alternation of white, black and red tones in the apartment, not giving eyes get bored and helps to focus on various interior decorations, finishes or fittings.

Living room combined with kitchen design room Studio, where the division into zones is very relative, but in this case the room has a high functional load. Almost the whole furniture of the apartment – built in, there are several design features that shaped niches and ledges, which complicated the geometry of space, while maintaining the space.

Living room is blessed with everything necessary for comfortable rest and relaxation, quiet time after a busy day – a soft zone in the niche near the window, the original frameless sofa bright rich color, coffee table-transformer and a TV lounge.

The lighting system in the Kiev apartment is laid out on several levels – around the perimeter of the ceiling integrated lamps, in addition near work surfaces and places for reading placed hanging lamps of original design and bright colors.

For sufficiently wide to pass between zones, bypassing the built-in open shelves, which became a refuge for split systems, we find ourselves in the kitchen space.

Contemporary Red-Black-White color mix apartment design in Kiev – Decor Photos and Interior Pictures

Quite spacious for a city apartment) kitchen space accommodate all the necessary work surfaces, appliances and extensive storage. As dining group acts as a bar, which also serves as a supporting surface for soft living room sofa. Original design move was to accent the selection of radiators on a black background, a red element looks very advantageous.

Next, we headed to TV-living area, opening interior doors, located in a bright red niche, get into the bedroom.

The bedroom is a separate room, the decoration of which we see again the familiar tricks color contrast – white finish almost all surfaces, contrasting dark layout space around the window and on this background, bright red radiator. Often the wall at the bed’s head perform as an accent, but in our case it only happened from the point of view of texture – brickwork was painted white.

In the bedroom as in the living room and hallway, storage systems, presented in the form of built-in wardrobes, the contents of which are securely hidden from prying eyes behind mirrored sliding doors with slatted frame.

Some industrial interior dilutes the soft padding of the bed frame, creating the effect of a cozy home environment.

On the background totally black bedroom walls, particularly visible in the mirror dressing table with lighting. The game of contrasts in this Ukrainian apartment leaves no visitor for a minute, appearing in all new forms, methods of finishing, or used in the room decor.

Adjoining the bedroom is a small bathroom, space which managed to widen due to the abundant use of mirrors, glossy and glass surfaces. Here we see the already familiar way to design storage systems for slatted doors.

Finish space shower enclosure with bright mosaic tiles was the highlight of the bathroom, her accent. This is the backdrop of dazzling white sanitary ware looks to be the most advantageous contrast.


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