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Romantic Red and White Interior Designs

The combination of red and white is very bold, and sometimes daring decision for the interior, however, such non-standard options for the design of housing prove to be very interesting and original. Cheerful and optimistic combination of these colors popular since the times of Ancient Russia and Imperial China. But that room was not only bright, but also harmonious need to follow a few simple rules that designers use in their work.

How to distribute the colors

For starters, you should decide the amount and of a different color. The abundance of red shades will make the room’s atmosphere tense, and the maximum white colors will create a sense of sterility. Therefore, despite the sufficiency of a combination of red and white, better this difficult combination to dilute neutral black or gray.

One of the main questions, which becomes when creating an interior with clearly contrasting colors is the choice of the prevailing colour. In the case of the red-and-white interior is all quite simple. Here, anyway, but white in the end will still be the main, because it is not able to become the focus. Therefore, most organic combination is obtained with the combination of colors in the ratio of 1:4 or 1:5, it is natural to prevail should the white color.

Red white interior and patterns

If you want to create a red-and-white interior with textile or Wallpaper with patterns, it is better to give preference to the big picture, which looks stylish and modern and will not merge, losing a striking contrast. However, it is worth noting that patterns should not fill the entire room, quite a few of these accents to dilute boring simplicity of the interior. Otherwise, you can get a room comes from the past.

Psychology of colors
Red is the color of leadership and power. In addition, it is one of the few colors, which impels to action and is the colour of the creative surge. With its help you can easily focus and find in him the brightness of the source of inspiration, it’s easy to beat depression and melancholy. However, the immense use any shade of red is not desirable, because along with being the color associated with danger and aggression. Yes, he is able to push to action and make our mind to work much faster, but in the interior with a significant number of red elements is quite difficult to relax emotionally.
The white color symbolizes purity, freedom and peace. It is easy to balance the boldness of any color, including red. However, it is a source of inspiration and faith.

Hence, it appears that red-and-white interior in any case will be harmonious, because the colors perfectly complement each other and merge and become one, compensating for the weaknesses of one with the strengths of another.

Red-white kitchen
Kitchen is one of the most important places where every family member picking up, gets a reserve of vital energy. Therefore it is an ideal place to use colors that give the emotional charge of vivacity. Red white kitchen can be decorated in several ways. It can be a kitchen set with red facades of the white walls or white cabinets in combination with dead white walls, complemented by neutral black floors and steel kitchen appliances.

Another rather interesting option is a combined furniture with a white top and Burgundy red facades and a working wall, mosaic-tiled in grey and white colours. Or completely white kitchen, including cabinets, the walls ceiling and floor with a slight red accents in the form of lamps, vases, clocks and single tiles on the floor, diluted black countertops and chairs at the dining table.

Red-white bathroom interior

White color is the color of purity and sterility, but because he is the best suited for bathroom design. But to the white interior was not boring it should be revitalized. Wall, a nested mosaic, or the cupboard under the sink with facades deep red color will be a unique addition to the pure white interior.
Red-white bedroom interior
For self-sufficient, motivated and confident in the bedroom in red and white colours, this is what you need! Whether it is Matt laconic surface or playful patterns is a matter of taste, but one way or another red here should not be too much, because the bedroom is for rest and solace. Perfect for a red-and-white bedroom is a red wall at the head of the bed or the back, and red decoration on white curtains and numerous red-white decorative pillows.

Red-white living room interior

An elegant combination of red and white is just perfect for the decoration of the living room. This is an excellent solution for any of the known styles of interior design, ranging from antique stylization and up to the art Nouveau or art Deco.

Options here are simply mass. It can be red walls, in combination with a white ceiling, skirting and architraves to door openings, the contrasts which are supplemented with original designs upholstery. Or quite relaxed atmosphere neutral shades of white and bright red sofa, quickening all the space with his presence, which is cute flirting with fine decorative elements in the same color.

Red-white interior kids

Many people believe that the color red is unacceptable in decorating a child’s room, as it excites the nervous system of the child. However, if you properly use this color, it is possible to create original balanced atmosphere in the nursery. Definitely, what white is supposed to act as the master and red to be used only as accents. White walls, ceiling and even the floor will create an enveloping space, giving calmness and serenity, and red elements will attract attention and give the bathroom enthusiasm.

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