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30 Space-Saving Ideas For Room Dividers & Partitions

In 80 of the last century was tendency to combine rooms in a large room, separated only by partitions. The idea of zoning quickly found their application in the domestic market of interior doors. Usually this element of the interior is used for processing large spaces.
The main feature of sliding partitions is the ability to choose between an isolated location and a large area, not limited extra walls. The most popular option is a consolidation of the living room and kitchen, separated by a boundary sliding partitions. The General disposition of the property will not be substantially impaired.

Materials for the manufacture of interior partitions
A suitable partition, you need to choose on the basis of the General atmosphere and design of the room. Such an element can blend in with the overall picture, repeating the texture and color of the interior. Or it can be made the Central figure and highlight special material.

Among the materials used for similar designs:

metal and combinations thereof.
The design of the baffles may be used in the separation profile of a material different from the mainstream. Finishing materials and accessories are also selected on the basis of the primary color of the selected partitions.

The finished surface can give the effect of aging and cracking. Imitation of natural stone, pearl or even gold leaf will make the appearance of partitions exceptional.

Glass provides, perhaps, the widest range of possibilities for decorating. Almost all methods of processing and manufacturing of glass surfaces suitable for creating interior walls. Delineation of space, made of stained glass that can transform any room into a fairy tale Kingdom. Game of rays refracted in the color fragments, cannot be compared with anything else.

Using mirrored coating will give a feeling of endless space. It is twice as visually enlarge and illuminate the room, reflecting every available indoor light source.

Digital photo printing on glass and other methods of printing images will help you to fit a partition in the interior, designed in any style and color scheme. All of these features glass in combination with the extraordinary strength of modern products make this material one of the most popular in modern design art.

Features of sliding partitions in the interior

Sliding interior walls provide boundless opportunities for the zoning of the premises. Bathroom you can make the most ergonomic and distribution of useful space – saving. In addition, in such a simple way to freshen up the interior without making radical changes.

An important advantage of these doors is that they do not need to open additional space that will save precious centimeters of free space. This situation will become more original and interesting.

Sliding partitions or door coupe typically consist of several panels that cover the doorway, shifting relative to the wall. If you need to close the doorway, then use one canvas and called it by a sliding door. If you want to separate from each other a few areas, replacing the wall, it will be a sliding partition.

If you perform a partition from a material similar to the coating of the remaining walls, visitors will not even guess that behind this wall there is still room. The opposite effect can be achieved if we make a partition of the whole of the glass sheets. Then the distinction will be symbolic, and functional load to be limited sound insulation.

Modular and functional interior designs with space-saving partitions

One of the drawbacks of such partitions is that absolutely exclude the penetration of smells and sounds will fail, as between wall, floor and ceiling will always be gaps that are required for the free operation of the transfer mechanism.

Using partitions the space you can expand or form. Such a neat way can be used in any room, designed to perform several functions. For example, a living room can turn into a dining room combined with a kitchen where the whole family will find it easy to feel during special events. Nursery separated temporarily to the area of study and area to sleep, turn into a great space for noisy children to play. Also in the bedroom by a wall, you can separate the boudoir or dressing room. Combined bathroom can easily become separate, not losing a single centimeter of free space.

In addition to practicality spectacular partitions can be a reflection of the taste of the owner of the house and to give the room the lightness and elegance. Light guides made of aluminum and durable rollers will not overload the structure. Selection of the necessary material and fittings are best left to a professional, because such large structures need reliable fastening and high quality mechanisms.

For interior partitions provided by specific hardware. Typically the handle embedded in the fabric, otherwise the meaning of the whole device is lost. The color scheme is preferable to accessories was merged with the General color design.

Sliding interior walls have recently become a popular technique in the Arsenal of fashion designers. Functional and esthetic assigned to this element processing facilities, it is difficult to overestimate. Manufacturers offer a wide range of different options. The case for small – to choose the most suitable one for a specific interior.

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