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25 Best Ideas of Blue Bedroom Design on Photo Gallery

Noble color is associated with the sky, the sea, the horizon and infinity. He is one of the dominant colors in the design, and a rich palette of shades. The blue things are lawful to be turquoise, sky or overlap with the blue. To use it in the design preferably in the rooms, located on the South side, because the color belongs to the category of cold tones. The sun’s rays will show all spectral shades of blue, and their combination will add to the interior of lightness and sense of space.
Design in blue performance relevant to contemporary interiors, and if you like transparent restraint, feel free to use it for painting walls. Experiment with different combinations of colours, and you will see the advantage of color, which will allow the design to be unique.

For bedrooms recommended “color cool” because of the correspondence of physiological comfort and a good night’s sleep, so blue walls will be more than appropriate. But among the shown spectrum is aggressive tone, affecting not the best way to visual perception. This is due to the predominance of their deep saturation close to the blue. So you must adhere to specific rules in order to keep the harmony, which a little later.

The play of colors

Discuss we’ll interiors, is not subject to fashion trends, and ready for many years to take care of your comfort. And if you still want novelty – change the curtains in advance or supplies kits for winter and summer.

Designing the interior better to determine the composition of consonant tones, and to the dominance of pale blue walls to pick up bedding shades. Noble blue manifested in tandem beige, gold, silver and pale pink.

Blue neutral tone, together with white is a versatile option. In such a combination bedroom looks solemn and elegant and when there are panoramic Windows allowing plenty of sunshine, is smoothed by a feeling of coldness. Preference is given to exceptionally bright background and even for the reason that excessive saturation of the walls destructive passion in bed.

Beige-blue room will reflect the warmth of home comfort, but in such a tandem main color is just temporary. In principle, it depends on the intentions of the masters, because accompanying furniture and accessories, transparent blue can significantly support.

Get rid of dullness

Calm blue-grey composition of the room will not seem boring, if it is combined with bright spots of pillows and blue curtains, brown lamps and furniture.

Interior with a metallic tinge in support of blue curtains and accessories, will also look great against the blue colour. The bedroom will be in style, but will not remind boudoir ladies middle-aged.

Please change the color balance, and make the walls gray and will primarydata blue curtains, and, entering the yellow color in the textile decor, quality finishes, use Golden cords or brush, do not forget to decorate and pillows. If the floor is supposed carpet, monochrome permissible to dilute related motives, based on the colors used in the interior.

In this case, pale pink range can compete with gold decor, and the choice will depend on preferences. In both cases, you will get different designs and impressions from organic compositions.

Brown – blue classic bedroom

The decorations in these colors will point to the fact that in this room sleeping wife. All made soundly, thoughtful and shows the family idyll. Palette of earth and sky became popular in the 80-ies, and the classical ensemble no complaints, if not deepen in color saturation .

In the embodiment intense palette on the walls, you can get a dark bedroom, contributing to the development of depression. In essence, brown energetically powerful and insidious. They are pushing the body to aging, fatigue and evoke boredom. But if the color is expressed as razbelennymi, that is, is just to combine composite tones, the design takes the form of perfection, and is positioned as a classic style.

Come to help light blue walls and beige fabrics for the draperies. Curtains can be changed freely restrained lemon and yellow colors. In any case, both Kohler permissible from the standpoint of color.

Blue and deceit black

It would seem that the intensity of the black tone requires contrasting expression of pure colors. But any arrangement with any other shade looks quite brightly and aggressive, and to recognize this combination of organic difficult. Except in tandem with white or version on the topic of natural imitation animal skins and classic checkerboard print. In other versions, when an incorrect location of colored spots, product and does seem untidy.

To avoid such complications, try to use in interior color separately. Note the modern, minimalist designs and their equipment, where white and black are independent color load.

In the bedroom black tone is applied adjacent to a different color. Thus, gray-blue transparency of the ice walls will be in unison with black or white bed, with a blanket and pillows opposite scale. Poof and chairs require color identity of the walls, and curtains for a couple of tones must differ from walls or to match the bedspread.

Blue lagoon

Color and so is credited with therapeutic features, but if you want to increase the effect, open the doors towards the sea horizon, and the turquoise beauty of the waves will merge with the space of the bedroom. Will only pale turquoise walls to saturate yellow elements to the room responded with warmth, and you – aesthetic ecstasy of contemplation. It can accent the curtains against the wall, carpet or Ottomans scattered pillows.

This set will correspond to the color classics of the genre, and is suitable for active people. For the yellow colour characteristic number of fruit shades, as coincidence with lemon, lime, olive or sun, and restrained intensity of colors is set to indicate style. Such creativity in the design dare not everyone.

Solid blue with a modern touch
Monochrome design tone – on – tone, is bigger, and things seem to be textured. For modern designs, this is an interesting performance, and who is the blue space seem fresh, assume the following:

Add a lot of small items shown in blue color, preferably a different one tone level. Cluster nuances enhance the depth and affect the integrity of the perception of style.

Keep in mind that different textures of objects in their own way share the same shades.
When making a dilute color palette of neutral elements. For example, fragments of the color of the tree or decorate a wall with gold lines or special shiny stickers.

Feel free to combine blue walls with large paintings, exposed mottled spots, thereby compensating for contemplative effect. But remember that good taste is moderation. A couple of juicy illustrations or panoramic image at the head will be enough.

Casually scattered pillows in bright performance diversify the composition.

Darker nowhere
Dark blue is used cautiously, given the fact that artificial lighting makes the color is almost black. But if you have high ceilings and lots of light in the blue-blue Duo and the support of brown furniture bedroom will look noble. And the walls are painted in pale blue, used textile colors of the sea, and on the background of wooden furniture interior will encounter the classic style.

Marine style

If a solid design no surprise, then look quite different blue walls, painted under the stencil using a saturated green color, echoing the tone of algae. You can just pokleit Wallpaper appropriate nautical theme, with images of waves or pictures that you will attract.

In addition to the techniques pointed out, will support the nautical theme decorative components. Such a design is chosen chandelier in the General tone of the background. Hung with paintings of marine life. The glass shelves are grouped items with glass vessels, bright corals and collection of seashells. Floor dimmed blue carpet in the tone of the curtains.

Bedside lamps are made in the form of huge shells. Decorative starfish are mounted directly on the wall. Sold a lot of interesting things on this subject, until the interior of objects. So, the chair may be issued in the form of coral, and chandelier repeat algae.

Blue design bedrooms can be evaluated only after some time. Accuracy of color selection will give sound sleep and cheerful morning. And you try to create a relaxing atmosphere to unwind.

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