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40 Shower Tile Design Ideas

Even such a simple design, as the shower can be turned into a work of art. Just a little effort, imagination and to select a suitable material for the cladding. The most common among the possible varieties for many years remains tiles.

Visual effect
To make the shower stall stylish and beautiful, it is necessary to take into account some characteristics of the material. The tiles can be:

a relief.
Glossy product is able to reflect light. Rays from the lighting, playing in the water and on the walls, creating a feeling fabulous underwater world. In addition glossy surface to keep clean is the easiest way, since it does not linger pollution. It must be remembered that the tile with a glossy surface can be dangerous if used as floor coverings. A small quantity of water to turn a glossy surface into a skating rink. If the design requires the use of floor it is glossy tiles, you need to think about a special Mat for the shower stall.

Solution slippery surface can be matte tile. Most manufacturers produce a separate collection of floor tiles. The ideal will be a variant with a corrugated surface. This floor will provide a reliable grip soles even in the case of contact with large amounts of water.

Additionally, the raised surface allows you to produce stunning visual images. You can simulate a natural wood veneer, which is not suitable for a shower because of the disastrous effects of water on it. But this “wooden” floor of tiles to decorate the room and will not suffer from the influence of a humid environment. This method will allow you to feel in a classic bath.

Interesting solution may be a combination of different textures. The use of tiles that mimic natural stone, combined with smooth will give the shower stall spectacular view.

Color designs for showers vary in a wide range. The most popular are natural colors that will ensure the similarity with natural materials:

shades of gray;
shades of brown;
To emphasize the reign of the water element in the room will allow the shades of blue and green. All blue palette would look appropriate in the shower stall, emphasizing the purity and freshness of the water jets. This method of design has long been adopted by manufacturers of swimming pools. Use the bowl of materials blue shades will create the illusion of crystal clear water.

For registration of the original interior in the shower suitable bright shades of any color. Strict restrictions in this area does not exist. Add the plain wall of the few bright spots enliven the space. You can put them out of the pattern or to use the technique of mosaic. This ancient method of decorating surfaces to the present day has remained a popular and original. First of all it is connected with the limitless possibilities of the material and its decorative properties.

The combination of materials in the design of the shower

As a facing material for shower enclosure, you can choose not only the tile. Replacing it can be a natural stone tiles or glass. Very noble will look marble wall, the iridescent glow of light.

Glass tile is an unusual material for the design of the cab. Often designers use only a few elements of glass to make the atmosphere unique. Tempered glass will perfectly cope with the functions of the tile on the walls, but will be much more expensive. Therefore, from the glass elements it is best to leave the door of the booth.

Well look decorative elements made of metal or plastic. They look like thin plate. The singularity of such a design will surely surprise those who first see such a cheap cab. It is important to ensure that the material of these plates, specially prepared for use in rooms with high humidity.

Not all showers have the correct form. For rounded surfaces suitable previously mentioned mosaic. Property structures assembled from small parts, allows you to put these pieces of rough architectural elements.

Interesting and practical in the design of the shower can be a niche, tiled. You can select a different color or Vice versa seamlessly fit into the overall color scheme. This niche will serve as a shelf for bath accessories. The coating of tile will not allow you to accumulate it balances personal hygiene and pollution of various kinds.

The use of tiles in the design of the shower stall has a large number of advantages:

moisture resistance;
resistance to temperature changes;
a variety of textures, sizes, elements and shades;
the availability.
It is safe to say that this material is best used for creating unique interior in such a specific location.

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