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Small and Cozy Design Showcased by Minimalist Apartment in Hong Kong

How to make small accommodations stylish and versatile, while avoiding numerous pieces of furniture and decor? Such a question often ask owners of small apartments. The most suitable in such cases is the Eastern style of minimalism. Its characteristic features is a rejection of luxury and create maximum comfort. Designers predict popularity of minimalist styles, because stylish simplicity strengthens its position in society and in the world of fashion.

The distinctive features of Eastern minimalism
the absence or the minimum number of elements;
straight clear lines;
the use of natural materials;
low furniture;
the transformation of space by means of light barriers.
Considered one of the options of the small apartments in the style of Eastern minimalism with Asian focus.

For colors the designers chose white color and shades of light wood with preservation of the texture of natural wood. The walls are covered with matte white paint, flooring and doors made of wood color American walnut. Thanks to this combination creates the effect of cleanliness, spaciousness and freshness:
In children’s rooms, the designers decided to allocate more bright colorful accents:

The transformation of the area of the apartment
This project utilizes various methods of zoning of the premises. So, hallway smoothly into the dining room and into the hall:

Slatted wooden partition separates the territory of the hallway from the living room area:

Sona meals are furnished on the principle of the bar, allowing compact place pieces of furniture and utensils:
Combined partitions of plasterboard and glass look elegant, do not block the flow of light and lighten the space. Such partitions can be made small: from the ceiling to the walls of 30-40 cm or fully cordon off the kitchen from the bar:

Sliding doors in the kitchen also save the area and are original décor:

In the interior of this apartment there is no high and large furniture. The choice is made in favor of a low long tables, sofas and beds. It allows you to visually lift the ceiling because the room they are not very high:

In the hallway to store clothes shoes designed spacious wardrobe with simple facades without decorative elements:

For the study allocated very little space, despite this, it contains all the necessary items of furniture and computer equipment:

In the bedroom mirror wardrobe doors visually add bulk:

Eastern minimalism with Asian touches in apartment: photos, pictures, images

The peculiarity of this project are soft sills: they are equipped with an additional place to relax with soft mattresses. This option will appreciate the children. However, it is very important when equipment of this sill take care of safety and choose Windows with a reliable security system:

Of all the small accessories in this apartment attract the attention of Asian themed statues and paintings with abstract painting, which harmoniously fit into the overall style:

Oriental minimalism owes its popularity to the Japanese style in which the curtains have a special design. They remind sliding screen. This model looks very nice for wide Windows:

The Windows in the bedroom and the nursery decorated short textile curtains. For minimalist style is the perfect option: under the window-free space, you can take the right things:

The color of the fabric on the curtains in the bedroom rhymes with lighter lavender shade of the wall in the headboard:

The bathroom also has a small area, so all the segments and equipment miniature and compact:

The General trend of the design of this apartment in Oriental style, functionality and elegance. There is a minimum amount of furniture and household items are simply and elegant design:

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