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Small and Functional Hallway Kitchen Design Ideas

The modern layout of apartments and houses is becoming more original. Is no surprise dining room, kitchen, or closet in the bathroom. The combination of the corridor to the kitchen, too, can recognize an original idea. It does not matter, what makes a designer to combine the corridor to the kitchen. This can be a small area of an apartment or a bold plan of the host dwelling. Importantly, the resulting room was functional and useful.
The basic rules for combining the kitchen with the corridor
The main advantage of this solution is certainly the space, which is possible to achieve absence of superfluous walls. In this area you can feel comfortable even with a minimum total area of the apartment.

For the division of the room into functional areas, it is recommended to use the techniques of zoning. Useful in this case will be sliding partitions that can be used during cooking or receiving visitors. Such designs often consist of rails on the floor and the ceiling, which moves freely partition.

The partition can be run from any material. The most practical are:

There are partitions, where the solid frame is stretched the fabric. They look stylish and add to the interior of uniqueness, but for use in the kitchen is not suitable as it will absorb all the smells. And evaporation over time will leave on the fabric unsightly residue.

In the absence of stationary structures you can use a simple screen. Its main disadvantage is that the smells and sounds not going to be such a barrier. But to limit the overview of the action in the kitchen it can help.

Combining the hall with catering facilities should carefully consider the conditions of occupational health. For the apartment door is the staircase – the place for General use. You must make sure that most of the dirt is left at the door. You can use high quality mats for legs and a special grid.

Effective may become the system “warm floor”. It will help wet footprints on the floor to dry quickly and not let the household post brought from the street dirt through the house. In addition, Underfloor heating will save you from feeling the cold tiles or other hard coatings. This is very important because rugs are not allow to achieve the desired level of sterility. Hallway-kitchen better use of tile or laminate.

To clothes in the hallway was soaked extraneous odors, it is necessary to ensure high-quality ventilation. An important element in the selection plates to the kitchen will be equipping its hood. In addition, it is preferable to provide the hallway tight-fitting cabinets and shelves for shoes.

The kitchen is combined with the corridor

To make such a room you can use two basic methods:

to combine the space with one color and materials;
to fit out the premises using different shades and materials.
The first option requires no special effort. Kitchen and hallway involve the use of wear-resistant materials with good resistance to temperature changes and humidity. The most appropriate flooring will tile or natural stone. You can use other options. But the main principle in the selection must be maximum hygienic cover.

As the wall covering is also possible to select a tile. If this material seems cold and uncomfortable, you can use washable, which is able to withstand the aggressive environment of the room.

The color of the solution is a little limited. In the first place would be the colors that are able to disguise probable contamination. While these shades can be issued to only those areas that are most affected. This space near the front door next to the stove and around the sink. The rest of the room can be decorated so clearly how the designer will allow his imagination.

The zoning is a more popular method of decoration. The abundance of choices of materials are not only separated the hallway from the kitchen, but also highlight the work area, dining area, dressing room and others. Additionally, the zoning materials will allow you to make room not only in different colors, but in different styles. From the corridor in the style of “minimalism” you can get to the kitchen in the style of “country”. And both work harmoniously coexist in the same room.

Design and accessories

The zoning can be carried out not only by using the above methods. Interesting in these conditions can become architectural structures. Picturesque arch, decorated with bas-reliefs, will be an exquisite accent to the overall environment.

You can also use a stone fireplace or a large aquarium. Such a large subject is able to conditionally divide the space, leaving enough space to move apartment dwellers. Such decision will give the room a unique and distinctive character.

Lighting can sometimes play a crucial role in the division of space on the kitchen and corridor. You should start with the fact that the kitchen could use a brighter light. Perhaps the use of fluorescent lighting, which is characterized by a bright white glow. In the corridor you can leave the more usual yellow light. This method will allow you to feel the movement from one space to another without the use of doors.

In the hallway light, you can highlight the area of the mirror and hangers. The kitchen additional lighting will be useful in the working area and near the Desk.

Using these methods split and join, you can achieve amazing results. A small space will remain functional and provide all apartment dwellers desired comfort.


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