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Small Contemporary Apartment in Mexico With Space Saving Design Solutions

If you are attracted by the originality of this Mexican metropolis, and have the financial ability to buy a house here, you should definitely take advantage of this chance to realize his dream, becoming the owner of a small apartment, seasoned in a special style, characteristic of Mexico city. However, to recreate the features of modern Latin American home, even without leaving our country.
With advice from designers, try to transform ordinary interior of the apartment is 90 square metres into something special. The ultimate goal of this experiment is to develop a design project, designed to implement multiple tasks simultaneously:

to obtain a very original interior;
proper breakdown of the space of the apartment is comfortable and functional areas.
Apartments that we have at our disposal, offering plenty of natural light, making the apartment seem more spacious and transparent, all the zones in it looked as a whole. The apartment is designed in the same color style guests to the most comfortable rest after strenuous work, people of the metropolis. When creating the interior is made up mainly of various warm tones of brown, grey and white colors. The right combination of these shades gives the interior a Mexican apartment a special softness and comfort.

Living room
The Central area of the room, like all the other rooms are decorated in a modern style. Those who first look into the room, will certainly be impressed by the abundance of sunlight entering the room from all sides. Excellent natural light in the living room creates, thanks to the large window that fills one wall of the room. As a floor covering designers selected laminate warm shade of light brown, perfectly combined with the overall decor of the room. Soft fleecy Mat dull colors in the center of the living room is almost imperceptible.

Compact Apartment in Mexico with a Charming Black & Brown Interior

The furniture is quite laconic: rectangular sofa and couple of chairs with a simple shape with a trim gray-purple color complement the overall color scheme. The interior comes with two small tables with glass tops, with different functions. Coffee table in rectangular shape, made in the style of hi-tech, is located in the heart of the living room. Oval table made of transparent glass, standing next to the couch, plays the role of a decorative accessory.

The room has a large flat-screen TV. This device makes the whole interior more modern and functional. The panel, which is fixed to the plasma TV panel, is provided with a rotation function. This allows the landlord to use the device and in the living room, and one of the bedrooms.

Two wooden chairs, a stylized forest of hemp, and fresh flowers in vases filled with design city apartment rustic colors.

The kitchen and dining area
This part of the room is a logical continuation of living between the two areas there are no partitions. Dining area presents a full table for eating, and three pairs of kitchen chairs grey with backs. Large table plays an important role in organizing family events and moments in the reception. Lighting dining room space is performed by means of individual lamps above glass top.

A little further is a cooking area with convenient Breakfast bar, which also functions as a delineation of the kitchen and dining room. From the bedroom kitchen area is separated by an opaque glass partition. This functional space the apartment is small, but it has everything you need for fast cooking and reheating of food.

Optimal Interior Design For A Small Contemporary Apartment: photos, pictures, images

Sleeping areas
In the Mexican apartment has two sleeping areas. Bedroom and living room are separated by original light beige walls. Such a device allows air and sunlight to penetrate into the bedroom area. Easy to wall simultaneously unites and divides these spaces are designed to perform different functions.

The first bedroom has a double bed with headboard, wooden look, a comfortable table with glass top and upholstered chair.

The end of the bed daily to fold it and put in a special Cabinet, freeing up space for important things.

Area second bedroom is in a separate room.

This is the sleeping area includes a double bed with two bedside tables, having an elongated shape.

The color scheme of the tables bedside consistent with the General color idea Mexican apartment. The room has a small upholstered armchair, without armrests, upholstered in brownish-green color and compact metal table with glass top.

As you can see, the space of this apartment is very well organized. Each zone performs a different function. The room looks not only stylish but also very comfortable. This means that the assigned task has been fully completed.

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