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Small Rustic House – Spanish Style – Stone Wall – Wooden Decor: Photos and Pictures

Do you have a small country house that needs repairs or remodeling, looking for ideas for inspiration to build suburban housing with comfort, but without the frills? Then, you can use our short tour of the interior of a small country house, situated in Sunny Spain. Simple and comfortable design in rustic style can not only inspire the repair, but can take its relaxed, Sunny mood and a positive attitude.
Let’s start our tour from the hallway. Once in the house, you still feel that you on the street, thanks to a glass wall, through which is perfectly visible heavily vegetated suburban area.

In almost all areas of this small house trim will be a combination of white and wooden tones – light walls and ceiling, wooden flooring, stairs, doorways and the floor structure. In the house there are a lot of antique furniture that adds warmth to the interior and the comfort of the home.

Old furniture intends not restored, not painted. Its appearance brings to interior design individuality, originality, because every piece of furniture or decor item has its own family history. But a new interior fit harmoniously into the rural environment, becoming its integral part.

Great attention given to details. Creating a truly home environment, it is impossible not to take into account the little things that make up the image of the room in General. Whether in urban apartment or we are on vacation out of town – it is important for us, what material our pillows are sewn in which a vase of flowers and whether they do.

Small Country House in Spain – Stone Wall – Wooden Decor Photos and Design Pictures

On the first floor is the spacious bathroom of the home – living room. This bright and cozy room to stay, according to the canons of country living with a fireplace, near which is so nice to sit in the evenings and watch the fire.

Where better than in the summer house will be appropriate wicker rattan furniture, coffee table with bamboo frame and an antique wardrobe showcase that serves as a storage system for all sorts of little things that we so urgently need.

Here, on the first floor of a country house, we can explore the spacious kitchen / dining room. This is a universal space for the whole family combines modern appliances and attributes of rural life – wooden benches, a spacious dining table, kitchen cabinets with shutters instead of doors.

Unlike most of the rooms of a country house, in the kitchen walls is a stone masonry with a light sand grout. And the gray shades of the stones are reflected in the color of the pendant lights and the Shine of stainless steel appliances and open shelving for kitchen utensils.

Cute and Cozy Mediterranean Style Home Interior

On the second floor also has a small lounge that can serve as additional Seating or a place for reading and creative activities. Thanks to the large Windows from floor to ceiling. Rooms country house practically all day natural light. Snow-white walls and ceiling only adds to the feeling of lightness, purity and freshness.

In the nursery we see all the same colors – lot of white, rare inclusions of charcoal flavor and bright accent spots in furnishings and decor. Even a small room seem spacious, if there is sufficient natural light.

The bathroom is no exception in a series of rooms with large Windows. Here, too, there is a huge window in which you can watch while enjoying a bubble bath. Traditional finishes white colours, was applied and in the room for bathing, even here we see the wooden flooring.

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