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Small Rustic Village House in France – Stone Wall – Country Decor – Interior Design

We offer to your attention a mini-tour of a small country house, decorated in a country style. Natural materials, utmost functionality and comfort became the basis for the design concept of this building. The cornerstone of this country mansion is a convenience for travelers, the practicality of all interior items.
Let’s start our tour from the street, but rather from the covered terrace. Under which there is a small kitchen with a dining area. Where else but the country can afford to eat in the fresh air? Especially if delicious meals cooked here, in the real furnace.

Fully equipped kitchen with work surfaces, large stove and sink directly under the canopy allow the cook to interact with family while they are waiting for lunch, seated at a comfortable table. Under a covered canopy have the opportunity to eat in the dark, a large chandelier over the dining group will illuminate the space terrace.

Despite the rustic style of the decoration of a country house and the surrounding area, there is everything necessary for a comfortable life communications and engineering systems, but they are harmoniously integrated in a rural flavor.

Contrasting décor of the space, which includes sand-colored stone walls and structures made of wood languid breed, ceilings and pillars we see in other areas.

Charming Country Home with Natural Decor

If you go into a house with a backyard, then you can get into the living room.

In almost all areas of a country house decoration will be a wooden floor, plastered walls painted in light, pastel shades and wooden ceiling with rustic beams. The bright color palette of all the rooms it adjusts to a relaxing, allows the eyes to rest from the bright colors of nature around the house a lot of vegetation.

In the comfortable living room provides everything for a comfortable stay – upholstered furniture, TV, original coffee table in the form of a large wicker basket (it can act as a storage system).

All the Windows in the living room is equipped with roller blinds-blinds that can save the residents from the scorching southern sun.

Low open shelving serves as a means of zoning the living room from the dining area, which is located in the same room.

Wooden dining table that can accommodate up to 6 people and comfortable chairs with metal framed dining group tenants and is able to accept a small group of guests. In a large Cabinet-showcase posted the necessary Cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils.

Before you modest interior small bedroom. Paying tribute to the country style, bedroom has simple, rustic, but comfortable and cute.

The decor is no frills, but everything you need for sleep and rest. After a day outdoors, outdoors is little need to comfortably relax and gather strength for a new day.

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