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Stylish 2015 Kids’ Bunk Beds Pictures

The design of the room in which will live several children is no easy task. First, each child should have its own working (or playing) and a sleeping area. Secondly, it is important that the interior of the room like each of the children. And, of course, in this room, there should be enough space to store things.

Bunk bed is the perfect solution in the creation of interior room for several children. In addition to the effective use of space, this option has many variations (style, size, accessories) and allows to form two independent cosy Seating areas.
Bunk beds: design solution
Like any other piece of furniture, bunk bed should be in harmony with the overall style of the room. To date, the producers present a wide range of models and variations beds, and therefore will not be easy to find the right furniture for the nursery, in whatever style it may be:

Space-Saving Ideas For Childrens Room

High-tech ultra-modern style, which is characterized by simple forms and a maximum rationalization of space. Beds in this style are usually strictly over each other.
Romanticism is another popular style of the nursery. It is distinguished by lush airy form, a large number of accessories and fabrics in muted tones. The bed in this style may have florid, rounded elements.
The eco is a great choice for a child’s room. This style involves the use of natural materials and earthy tones. The interior is eco-creates a healthy, peaceful atmosphere.
Minimalism – a style that involves a large amount of free space. A good choice for a child’s room, because such a decision would leave more space for games and creativity.
Bunk beds: maximum functionality
Bunk beds can be combined with cabinets, racks or shelves. This option will allow you to use the space as efficiently as possible, which is especially important in small children’s room.

Also to save money and to optimize space will help built-in beds. Such models after sleep can be raised and free more space for games or work.

In the nursery for large families, you can use one part of the room as a recreation area, divided into sleeping space, isolated from each other. Thus, each child will receive the necessary personal space, and the room will leave plenty of room for games.

To isolate the recreation area is also possible by means of the shutters.

Selection of bunk beds: personalized
Undoubtedly, the design of the nursery should take into account the gender and age of its inhabitants. The interior of the premises must not contradict the inner world of the child, so it is important to think carefully about the style of the nursery.

Room for girls

Psychologists recommend to arrange a room for girls in bright, warm colours, leaving enough free space.

Traditionally in the interior use the color pink, the bed may be white. For emphasis you can use textiles that will be similar to the shade of with other parts of the room.

Room for boys

Room design for boys can recall the adventures, travels, be associated with the technique or sports themes. In any case, it is recommended to arrange a room in contemporary styles: boys are unlikely to appreciate the aesthetics of the classical interior. For example, the best fit to the marine style. The bed in this style can be made of dark wood and supplemented by thematic parts: for example, a rope.

The room boys are older, you can make easier, using the classic colors of furniture and walls. Bunk bed dark tones with strict laconic forms perfectly fit into the interior.

Universal design

When making a child’s room and choosing a bunk bed, you must consider a few basic rules:

Interior colors, choose neutral, it is desirable to use several shades. The bed should also have the appropriate color and design.
Both the lower and upper level of the bed should form individual space. Good idea to equip the area with shelves and decorate at the request of the children.
Decorate the room better in a modern style using neutral, understated accessories. The bed in this case, it is also better to choose a strict, simple form.
Individual preferences of children can be expressed in the design of sleeping places: for example, to select the appropriate textiles.
Bunk bed in the room for Teens
The design of the room meant for teenagers, be sure to discuss with them. Children at this age are learning independence, they formed their own vision of reality, therefore it is important to consider their interests.

Someone suitable room in a modern style. Individuality in this case can be expressed with the help of vivid colors.

Another option is a bright bold design in the style of rock. Such a solution suitable for adolescents with appropriate musical tastes. Bunk bed with the fastening elements in the form of chains cannot be better emphasize the atmosphere of rebellion.

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