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50 Tile Designs For Small Powder Room in 2015: Pictures, Photos

The room where the toilet is, requires a special approach to its design. All interior parts should be allowed to maintain a maximum hygiene and freshness. For the manufacture of sanitary ware and furniture in this room use materials that are easy to wash. In addition, these items must be resistant to treatment with chemical solutions.
For floor or wall covering the most popular material for many years is ceramic tile. This material is all necessary in this case:

wear resistance;
the abundance of colors and textures;
resistance to chemicals.
All these features make this coating is most suitable for the design of buildings with similar characteristics.

The most suitable colors

One of the criteria to select the color of the wall covering is the size of the room. Small room requires the use of light shades of the tiles. The limitation of space in itself is depressing, and dark walls aggravate this condition.

In a small toilets it is recommended to apply light shades of blue, green or pink. White color is also nice, but it’s best to dilute the decorative elements of the other shades. Perhaps pasting white color only the top of the wall. So will avoid contamination and to preserve the visual sterility of the room.

In addition to plain tile patterns, you can use different patterns and designs. The main thing is not to overdo it, as motley produce drawings on the walls of a small room the same effect as dark tile. To maintain balance, you can use the ornament on the perimeter wall or to allow one lane of this tile right in the center of the wall. Vertical stripes will help to visually raise the ceiling, the horizontal wall to expand. You can also select multiple tiles of a different color and then generate a pattern on a background of solid cover base color.

In addition to the color tiles can vary in texture. From matte, glossy or rough surface at the selected model depends on the appearance of the resulting coating. Modern manufacturers, trying to reduce the final cost of the product, made of imitation of natural stone, wood and other materials. Often not even possible to distinguish the natural granite or marble from the fake. This lining will look very noble and can give the room a chic look.

Modern Ideas to Use Tile in Your Powder Room

Picking up the color of the wall covering plumbing, it is possible to harmoniously complete the composition. The variety of shades plumbing will allow to find the optimal combination. Interesting may be the use of the bowl of tempered glass in combination with glass blocks. Such a decorative element, such as glass blocks are perfectly in tune with tiled floors and will diversify the solid wall covering.

For wall and floor tiling, you can use the same type of tiles. Thus you need to choose the model that will eliminate the slippage on this floor. Mostly it depends on the texture of the top layer. Glossy varieties do not provide the necessary adhesion of the soles of shoes with the surface. Most suitable are those models where the rough surface will allow you to confidently stand on his feet.

Mosaic of ceramic tiles in the bathroom
Despite the hundreds of years that have passed since the invention of mosaic, this method is still the original event in the interiors. Opportunities such coverage is limitless. Among its advantages, in addition to characteristics inherent in ceramic tile, there is also the possibility of facing uneven surfaces. So with the help of mosaic to decorate the pipes in the bathroom, bends plumbing, arch or Cabinet.

With the help of this technique interior design you can create all sorts of patterns that fit the theme and tone for the toilet. The proximity of water makes appropriate reupload using small pieces of sea waves or waterfalls. You can use individual parts, forming a pattern yourself or purchase ready-made panels with pre-applied image.

Mosaic can be used only on one wall or on her site. Thus, you get eye-catching composition that will become a Central element in the interior. It can be like a painting with a story, and just an ornament. In addition to ceramic mosaic, you can use pieces of natural granite, marble, glass, plastic or even metal. All of these materials, with proper treatment will have yourself a great exercise in the circumstances.

To tile on the walls of the toilet looked organically, quite harmoniously combine this with a suitable coating the rest of the situation. When the color balance and compatibility will be achieved, the room will become more attractive. The practicality of the coating will remain on a high level.

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