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25 Best Turquoise and Aqua interior design Ideas 2015

In nature it is rare to see pure turquoise color. He appears only in junctions of different elements. But this is the most beautiful landscapes.
Here is the recipe how to cook turquoise paint. The basis pine resin, and added:

the green of the young grass;
the depth of mountain lakes;
the glare of the morning dew;
the petals of the cherry bird cherry.
All that is necessary to mix the ray of the rising sun. And then you get a turquoise color with its fathomless depth and amazing clarity.

Bathroom in the rough African style. Tub and sink, sculpted from clay and painted with ochre. All rough and primitive. And only turquoise walls make this place residential and pleasant.
Lounge in style hi-tech. The different sorts of furniture. Sofas direct form next to the wicker artsy Islami. The owner traveled a lot and keeps Souvenirs on the shelves in the niches of the walls and the fireplace. The fireplace warms warmth. And turquoise walls create comfort.

Dining room-living room is just part of the wall, painted in a bright turquoise color. But is that enough room has been expanded and combined with a spacious landscape outside the window.

The seats of chairs and pillows with Egyptian designs give the interior a mystery. And small items magical colors make the whole situation fresh.
The more complex the color, the easier it is to make artificial aging. In turquoise tone can be isolated pure colors – blue, yellow and white. And transitional tones of green and blue.

Kitchen in retro style. It is the color of the refrigerator and the stove are doing their master in this room. White furniture only emphasizes the turquoise color.

Even some small features with fragments of turquoise colors create a cozy atmosphere. Fireplace made of natural stone gives them leadership.

Inspirational purple design ideas: bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen

The red color is bright, but look for a long time it is not delayed. Eyes nicer to look at deep calm tone.

The Eclectic style on the verge of Kitsch. Only the walls smooth out the conflict and reconcile among themselves such diverse inhabitants living room. They help to bring everything together white pieces of furniture, trim on the Windows and fluffy carpet.

Living in the Rococo style, as the frontier separates from the kitchen towards Constructivism large table-dresser, part-time bar. It is immediately obvious that he is the boss and keeps order.

These two interior combines turquoise chairs. Regardless of the style, Minimalist or avant-garde mixed with Baroque chairs attract attention and make living more soft and fun.

Walls like waves, and curtains foam and clouds. In such a nice room to relax. It soothes and brings pleasant dreams.

Modern bathroom. Turquoise walls and a large mirror makes it even more spacious and bezgranichnie. The room fills with air and light. A great combination for small bathrooms in apartments high-rise buildings.

Giving fans of voyages. Turquoise walls like a sea, which brought so many gifts. The vase is also a foreigner, but they stand apart, as the nobles surrounded by ordinary people.

Only pillows and stand lamps. But this is enough to revive pale and featureless interior.

Turquoise is the color of nature and recreation. It soothes and creates the perfect backdrop for natural materials such as wood and ceramics. Emphasizes the freshness and greenness of the leaves.

In Eclectic style is usually mixed not only the furniture and decor of various ages and colors. A cozy room is completely painted in turquoise color. And in the living room it is present only in small Islands. Furniture a lot, but I want to sit it in the turquoise chair of the host.

In the modern interior Natural Minimalism is very relevant was the turquoise walls.

The right part of the room Safari style, who loves contrast to his turquoise color. The rest of the rooms are more in the style of Constructivism.

In the Oriental style is often used turquoise color for decorating walls. This can be not only paint, but mosaic, drapery fabrics or carpets.

Kitchen apron tiled brick. The lockers as if hanging in the air above the kitchen cooking equipment.

In the Natural style turquoise living room table plays the role of decoration. He emphasizes the airy softness of the situation.

Early Classicism. The influence of the colonial and Indian culture. East likes to surround himself with turquoise. He’s cool, deep and clean, which is so lacking in countries with a hot climate and lack of water.

What a fun and bright kitchen in Country style. This room does not need any additional decorations. The color of the cabinets and doors makes it elegant and cozy.

Most often, turquoise can be found in the countries of Central and South Asia. The richer a person is, the more turquoise surrounds it. This wall decoration,and patterns to decorate their homes inhabitants of deserts and rocky mountains, the canopies over the beds and even clothing.

The mosque is covered by patterns which are bound to have a green-blue color. Tradition has ancient roots. Many centuries ago people rated magic turquoise. It is so deep that creates a feeling of coolness in the shade of the trees on the shore bottomless and clear lakes. And this is precisely what is lacking among the Sands and stones. Room in turquoise color-desert oasis.

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