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Two-Level Colorful Apartment Design in Old Parisian House

“Ma vie, mes règles” (“My life, my rules”) – this phrase, spoken in French, one can often hear from the residents of the Fifth Republic. The same principle guided and the owner of the apartment we visit today. Located on two floors of an old Parisian house, hiding from the hustle and bustle in one of the historical quarters of the city.
Style features
One look at the interior of this French apartment to tell for sure if the design were used just two design directions: loft and retro style. It is a proper combination of these stylistic currents contributes to the achievement of the desired effect. These interiors are characteristic of people who are relevant to the creative elite and for freedom-loving individuals who know his true value.

Features trim
When repairing this vintage duplex apartments have been saved all unique features, typical of old buildings. In the process of restoration of the premises of many architectural touches left intact: saved the rough ceiling beams, relief, and colorful wooden poles. The main objective of the repair work was to hide the flaws of the apartment, formed under the influence of time, and to identify the most valuable moments.

When decorating the walls in all the rooms used the most simple technologies and materials: aligned surfaces painted in noble white. Some of the rooms is fully retains the original texture of the surfaces and the shape of the ceiling. The main flooring for all rooms, with the exception of common areas is parquet. This finishing material has been completely replaced by the apartment owner in the restoration of the premises, however, retaining all the best characteristics of wood is the ability to create a feeling of coziness and warmth.

The layout of the apartment in General too, not much has changed. The most noticeable changes have occurred in areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets.

Interior features
The first level of the apartment
On the lower floor of the old apartment is located on the premises. The spacious lounge is responsible for two distinct functions. First, the landlord here every day resting and regularly receives visitors. Secondly, the room has a dining area.

This space includes, in addition to sustainable wooden table, two pairs of soft chairs brownish color, artificial fireplace, decorative panels, designed in blue tones, and a few lighting fixtures. Thanks to the convenient dining table provided in the interior of the premises, landlord may eat not only in the kitchen but in the living room. In addition, the table surface is occasionally used by the owner for work or reading books.

The guest room provides presence:
– two different sofas;
– several coffee tables unusual shape;
– original locker, reminiscent of the safe;
– floor lamps of various designs.

One of the sofa has leather upholstery, the other covered with a soft cloth. A variety of coffee tables placed in the guest area, create convenience and comfort. Table standing in the center of a recreation area, beautifully complemented by a low wooden stool unusual shape.

Traditional French Style Flat mixing Modern and Classic Details: photos and pictures

In addition, next to the soft couch sand gray coloring is a metal bookcase.

In the room there are a few color accents. The brightest spot in the room is the decorative panels of red, hanging over a couch. Mottled bluish-crimson carpet, covering the floor of the living room, catches the eye immediately.

Natural light enters the room through the spacious Windows occupying one of the walls of the room. Very intriguing look at the window frames carved decorative items, antique, performing the function of handles. The Windows have simple sand-colored curtains in a soft tone to the sofa.

Kitchen in Paris apartment occupies a small space. This area has quite a modern look, thanks to the new plumbing and functional appliances.

The main preference is given to white, beige and blue-gray tones. Small kitchen table with a round top and three metal chairs is far below the level of the window.

One bedroom apartment in Paris, provided by the project, also located on the ground floor.

In the interior of the premises, in addition to the large bed, a small Cabinet with many drawers, a chest of drawers to store larger things, comfortable sofa, open shelf for books and a few table lamps in various shapes and colors.

In addition, the lower level of the apartment includes the presence of quite a modern bathroom with shower, decorated in retro style.

The second level of the apartment
To get to the top floor French apartment via stairs with wooden steps and white railing.

Here is another bedroom, bathroom and several other rooms.

The bedroom, located on the second floor of the apartment, a bit similar to the one that is on the bottom. However, you can also see more unusual architectural elements. The headboard is decorated with period moldings. The bathroom has a somewhat asymmetrical appearance due to the fact that the designers decided not to make significant changes to the original layout of the apartment.

The bathroom has a very unusual design. In this room as in the bedroom, used the features of the old buildings, so that in the interior of the room appears natural light coming into the bathroom through a small window opening. If necessary, you can use the lamp hanging above the sink.

The bath is not too much space, allowing you to place in this zone, the sink and colorful in the Laundry basket. In addition, the room has a built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors to store personal hygiene items and the urn with floral ornament.

It would seem, what could possibly be in the interior of this old French apartment? How many houses were lost in the narrow lanes of Paris! And only by becoming a guest of these old apartments, it is possible to give a precise answer: the owner managed to do almost the impossible – apartment got a chance at a new life, while retaining all his elegance and charm.

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