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Two Twin Beds in Bedroom

Bedroom with two beds – a relevant topic for the owners of small urban apartments, especially when a family has two children, and living space is not enough to equip each child their own room.
Also popular this question and in the regeneration of guest rooms in large country houses. And in this article we will talk about how to create in a room with two comfortable beds to anyone who lives in this room was convenient and comfortable.
How to allocate space
The first thing properly delineate the space. Because everyone in the room should be not only a place for personal things, but also light, which will not interfere with the neighbor. In the case of young children it is quite simple. Typically, the mode of the day are quite similar and they go to bed at the same time, but here is how to arrange the space for parents whose children are teenagers and their age difference reaches 3-4 years? In this case, the ideal option would be a small wall, which clearly delineate the room into two zones. In this room, remote in deep sleeper, you should give a smaller child, and senior to settle closer to the exit.

Amazing decoration ideas for small room on photo

Like it or not, but the basis of any bedroom is the bed, and space planning should build on its size. Often enough beds put parallel to each other, leaving between them a passage of not less than 60 cm it Should also be noted that between the bed and the wall must be a minimum distance of 70 cm, otherwise in this room cannot be deployed.

Space saving beds can stand very close to the opposite walls, and between them to accommodate a chest of drawers, wardrobe or bookcase for personal belongings.
Another best option of setting beds – head-to-head, and beds not thus put next to each other, and an angle, leaving between them a small space for a table or tables with the top opening in which children can hide their toys. This allocation of space is very suitable for small narrow rooms, since with this arrangement saves quite a large amount of area. However, it is worth considering that in the guest room and he’s really not acceptable.
Space saving as the main objective in creating the interior
How to save space in a small room with two beds? This question is raised by a huge number of people who are faced with the need to build such a room in his apartment. Of course, it is important that not only the furniture, but also its design. And here it will be beds with drawers or built-in tables. This will allow to refuse additional drawers in the bedroom and at the same time not to feel shortage of space for personal items and accessories. In this room needs to be used in any niche, and even sill that with the correct equipment will become a full-fledged workstation.

The decor of the bedrooms with two beds

In order to create not only a functional but also a harmonious interior special attention should be paid to the decor of the room. In a small bedroom it is best to use bright colors in combination with rich colors. However, if you are a fan of more contrasting combinations, it is better to give preference to the combination of light walls and dark furniture.

Also to visually enlarge the space, you can resort to the installation of mirrors. Usually in a small bedroom they are placed in front of the window or on the adjacent wall, and reflected in the mirror of the light makes the room look bigger and more spacious.

Special attention when decorating bedrooms with two beds should be given to the textile, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a cozy room.It should be noted that both beds need to be not exactly in the same style, but completely identical. Only in this case they will not look as if the room was made all unnecessary furniture. Same bedspreads, pillows and even the decorative elements will sparkle and complement each other creating a sense of harmony and full coherence in the room.
The themed beds and you can continue when decorating the window opening, but if the room is quite small, it is not necessary to clutter up the heavy window curtains and Drapes. In this case it will be enough light curtains and blinds, which will be closed only in the evening, hiding living in the bedroom from prying eyes.

It is also worth noting that in a small room must be a minimum of small parts, and the part it is better to hang on the walls and not clutter them and without that small amount of shelves.

Keep dreaming

Well of course, when the space in the apartment allows you to roam and accommodate a bedroom with two beds, but also organize your desktop, put a huge wardrobe and a couple of floor lamps and chairs where you can spend time with a Cup of tea in my favorite hero of interesting books.

Often, however, such can’t afford not something that the owners of apartments and private houses. Therefore, you should not try to fit into the room a huge amount of furniture, because it will only spoil the room and make it heavy and cluttered.

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