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Two Windows In Kitchen Design Ideas, Pictures, Photos, Images

For the decoration of any room important is the factor of light in a natural way. One small window, as is customary in standard structures is not enough. Then the designers have to resort to various tricks to make the room more lively and cozy.

To avoid extra work beforehand providing the kitchen with two Windows. In this room light and air will be two times more than in the case of using only one opening.
The advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen with two Windows
The main advantages of the catering Department will be an additional window. More light and space especially in a small total area will be an important factor for building occupants. In addition, the sill may have additional surface that extends the table top, the working area or other items of furniture with functional purpose.

Changing the picture outside the window is much nicer than the monotonous pattern Wallpaper on the wall. In any case, while working in the kitchen one of the two Windows will be in sight.

Another advantage will be the space for the imagination of the designer. Having two Windows, you can arrange them any decor.

The disadvantages of such structure cuisine include:

large heat losses associated with extensive glazing area;
the remaining free space on the walls may be insufficient for placement of kitchen furniture;
the design of the kitchen with two Windows will require more attention and increased spending on the services of the designer.
All these negative aspects it is easy to minimize or simply not notice on the background of the obvious advantages of such design.

Design the design of the kitchen with two Windows
In modern construction, is often the kitchen is not being given due importance. This is reflected in the size and shape of the room. The elongated room, reminiscent of the trailer, suffers from lack of light and space. The output can be two Windows on opposite walls and kitchen furniture, located along the walls with Windows. In this case, appropriate design course at the joint working surface of the sill. This will save space and not to limit the movements of the one who will use this surface.

How to decorate your kitchen windows

In addition, the furniture along the Windows allows you to securely hide the battery, which in their view can spoil the overall picture. Color solutions for well-lit kitchen can be arbitrary. Even dark shades on the walls of this cuisine make it dark, but I will give a special uniqueness to the design.

If necessary, the battery, reducing the space can be completely removed and instead the use of Underfloor heating. This method of heating is more efficient and will allow us to maintain a necessary microclimate even in the case of large heat loss. If such technology will seem to the owner is too costly, then the battery can not be removed, but only to transfer them to another wall. Released under the Windows of the place can be very advantageous to use.

Sink under the window will allow during monotonous work, laundering dishes, enjoy the views from the Windows. Under the sink can perfectly fit the battery and to perform their functions without loss of efficiency.

Windows can make a Central element of a kitchen. It is enough just to highlight the window openings bright color on a background of pastel shades of the walls. For this approach different materials. Fabric curtains are still the most common way to decorate the Windows. The range of blinds and curtains large, but modern designers are increasingly left window openings “naked”. This course enlarges the space of the room. This design involves simple blinds in combination with transparent curtains. Roman and roller blinds also perfectly cope with the task. The interior will be fashionable, stylish and functional.

Often the kitchen with two Windows is the corner room. Making this space wisely, you can achieve amazing results. The kitchen is spacious and bright, and will be able to contain all the necessary furnishings. Most of these custom kitchens have a large square, which is an important factor for those who spends a lot of time near the stove.

To smooth out the bumps associated with a low position of the line Windows, you can use natural stone. This material simply and beautifully arrange the transition between the top and sill.

The few cabinets, which will be left in the kitchen should be as roomy. It can be tall cupboards with lots of shelves, on which is folded kitchen utensils. If a kitchen corner, a spacious wardrobe can be installed in the corner between the two Windows. This will allow efficient use of space.

If the kitchen area zoning allows, dining room part of the better place near the window. This will create a comfortable atmosphere to the meal and pleasant conversation. If the Windows in this kitchen is panoramic, the room takes on a special charm and has already not only practical, but is also a place with a special mood. With proper use of the advantages of the kitchen with two Windows that can become a favorite place for each family member.

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