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White Brick Walls Interior

In the modern interior can be translated any design idea. This is easily seen by visiting the house, which was used decorative brickwork.
The word “brick” brought to Russia Turkic peoples – were used by the notion of “tile”. This artificial stone is made of the mineral material and has all the properties of this stone: strength, moisture resistance and frost resistance. The composition of red brick, referred to as ceramic, is mostly clay. White also consists of sand with lime. This mixture is commonly called silicate – hence the name of this type of finishing material.

Many designers in the design prefer silicate brick, because he is much stronger than ceramic. In addition, this material has good sound insulation characteristics and is renowned for its environmentally friendly as it is made of pure natural raw materials. These qualities enable the use of white bricks in the construction of interior partitions, wall decoration, wall fireplaces and columns, and even for finishing furniture.

Whence came the fashion for brick masonry in the interior?
The exposed bricks in the interior of the Russian apartments can be found infrequently – this design direction is gaining in popularity in our country. But in the States of Europe and America masonry came into Vogue in the mid XX century. It is believed that the basis for such a fashionable trend is now settling industrial buildings new York poor American youth . Financial difficulties of that time did not allow the homeowners to make the decoration, so the walls were left intact.

Tendency of transformation of the old factory premises in the residential building continued in subsequent years. However, due to the fact that buy old industrial building under the force of each, among the designers had the idea of creating an artificial brick walls and partitions. Now that area is developing successfully. Decoration of brick with great success used in the design of interiors and country houses and city apartments. In recent years, the use of this material came to be associated not only with the specifics of the finish of former industrial areas, but other areas of design.

30 Modern White Brick Design Ideas, Pictures, Photos

In addition to the loft (from the American speech loft – abandoned former factory converted into housing), the use of brick is typical for the interior in the style of minimalism, country and Gothic.

Rough brick walls in the room involving minimalism emphasizes his approach to the natural urban environment. Country style initially involves the use of brick in finishing country houses and mansions – even now many owners of urban housing strive to create in their apartments a kind of rustic flavor. Gothic style known to us by the architecture of medieval Europe. Special walls at that time was not made. In our days this design direction is widely represented brickwork decorating arches, columns and interior walls of the mansions.

Brick walls in the interior: the ways of its creation
Natural brick wall
You can use the easiest and most natural way is to put in proper form a real brick wall. This option is perfect for happy owners of apartments in the building. In this case, one of the walls can be left intact while still preserving the original brickwork. Even if used in the construction of brick of good quality, and the quality of installation does not inspire fear, still can not do without the restoration work. You should remove the traces of cement and salt stains, abraded surface and wipe all the seams with a special grout or putty. Upon completion of all these activities, the brick wall is covered with a special water-based varnish.

Wallpaper in the form of masonry
You can simulate brickwork, using a special Wallpaper. This option is not too costly, however, many homeowners consider decorative Wallpaper brick relic. And absolutely nothing! In stores you can find many kinds of such coatings. Among them are textured paintable Wallpaper and decorating materials that do not require staining that mimic not only the texture, but all color nuances of this brick.

Facing brick
In some cases, you should use the brick for lining surfaces. This variety is best suited for the finishing work, since the material is much thinner than ordinary building brick. Besides, it weighs less, which is very valuable when facing the thin walls. This material has a very wide range of colors and texture. The most spectacular is undoubtedly brick, preformed manually. Traces of sand on its surface gives each brick uniqueness, but also increase its value.

Tiles that mimic brick
You may have already experienced this decorative material, bearing the name of the brick veneer. This brick has the characteristics with the facing many don’t even understand the difference. Actually, the bar is thinner than facing brick. Fit this decorative material like any ordinary tile.

White masonry: accents throughout the apartment
Brick wall when creating interiors are often used to create a kind of accents. Most often, selects one of the walls of the space behind the TV or a sofa in the living room, the area at the head of the bed in the room bedrooms or the area near the dining table in the kitchen. Thanks to a properly chosen accents these parts of the room draw attention to themselves in the first place.

Decorative white brick is perfectly compatible with surfaces of different building materials, such as plaster and glass and chrome and metal items. Therefore, the wall of white brick can be included in various interior rooms. This material in the interiors, often combine with walls the same color. A light shade of brick gives any room a extra volume and airiness. In order to avoid the effect of hospital facilities, it is recommended to “dilute” the interior is bright parts and accessories.

For lining the guest room you can take not one but two walls. An integral part of modern living room fireplace is trimmed with white decorative material. When the veneer is very useful to such qualities of brick, as refractoriness and resistance to cracking. Solid veneer fireplace, you can replace it with a partial decor.

In the bedroom under the white brick is enough to take one of the walls, preferably in the headboard is very brighten up the room and make it more cozy.

In the kitchen white brickwork looks also very interesting. Light brick can decorate not only kitchen apron, but also the bar. This material is perfectly combined with all modern kitchen appliances.

The use of white brick in the lobby will allow you to visually expand the space. A significant advantage of the use of this material in such a room is its resistance to abrasion and rot – dirty surfaces are easy to clean and wash.

Thus, the white bricks in the interior of your apartment is not only a tribute to the fleeting fashion. Room gain sophistication and unique style, based on practicality and convenience, and it is considerable.

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