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White Laminate Flooring Desing Ideas

The interior in light colours make the rooms light and airy, this truth everyone knows. However, some people believe that expensive and luxurious looks flooring made only in dark and warm wood. This myth lives since the nineties, when it was believed that floor should be a few shades darker than the walls. And if someone in those years has done in his apartment white floor, such a decision would have caused General bewilderment. Recently, however, it is bright flooring became the fashionable design trend.

The advantages and disadvantages of bright floor

The main advantage of white is that it visually expands the space, making it larger and more spacious. This floor is perfect for deprived of the light of the bathroom, he will ideally increase the light level. Therefore, it is advisable to do bright floor in dark rooms and small apartments.

One of the main pluses of the white floor is that in its design, you can create original contrasts, giving the interior a noble and chic, but you should consider that it is not appropriate in such styles as Baroque, antique, Rococo and classic interior. But for a country style, minimalism and modern this floor is perfect.
Another advantage of bright floor is that it will go perfectly in any room. The main thing correctly to match the color of the walls, and then a spectacular interior design is provided.

Experienced designers agree that excess light shades make the room cold and empty. And therefore, to avoid this effect in the interior, you must include the bright saturated colors, which will be a great contrast and emphasis, which will set the mood throughout the room.

The main disadvantages of bright, almost white in fact that it is very easily soiled. Nice it will be visible chips, scuff marks and dirt. And if it will be exposed to direct sunlight, they will create a bright glare, irritating eyes. Therefore, you should consider blinds or Roman blinds for Windows that will prevent bright sunlight.

Material for light floor

To create a light floor, you can use ceramic tiles, laminate or porcelain tile. Floor covering in light shades made from wood, the floor will be in the soft light shades will make the room warm and cozy. For the manufacture of parquet boards for flooring use wood maple, oak, ash, hornbeam and birch.

Bright floor in the interior

The ideal material for flooring in the kitchen and the dining area is granite and tile, but to lay wooden or laminate flooring professionals do not recommend that such coverage is not practical for use in the kitchen. However, this applies only section of floor at the desktop. The perfect solution will be to finish the floor in this area tiles, and the rest is all the space you can fill parquet or laminate.

The flooring is best used in living room or bedroom. The perfect companion to this floor will be light walls and dark or bright furniture.

White is neutral, and therefore can be combined with any shades. Look original combination of white with shades of natural dark wood sludge chocolate colour. In addition to this interior will be bright accents such as decorative pillows or paintings.


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