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Wonderful Apartment Interior Design with Large Terrace in Paris

Spacious apartment in Paris – incredible luck. And the apartment in the French capital with a large terrace and views of the Eiffel tower – double luck. Here is a short excursus on the internal and external premises of one of the Paris apartment located in the penthouse and has its own spacious terrace.
Let’s start our tour from the terrace – a large wooden deck partially open, partially is a closed room and sheds. This is an incredibly spacious terrace housed a recreation area under a covered canopy, dining area, enclosed shower, not to mention lots of plants in pots and garden pots.

What could be better than to have the opportunity to go to a private terrace located on the roof of a tall building, from which you can admire views of the city, to eat under the open sky surrounded by abundant vegetation or drinking coffee under a canopy, if the day is too Sunny? And all this in the framework of a city apartment.

On the terrace a variety of plants, they are planted in accordance with the directions and preferences of various sorts in the amount of sunlight and fullness expansion of root systems. As a rule, for such floristry use perennial plants that do not require a transplant during the cold weather.

Here, on the terrace, sliding doors coupe is a small shower room. The Paris apartment owners and their guests have the opportunity to sunbathe on the terrace and take a shower immediately, without entering the apartment.

Through large sliding glass doors we pass into the apartment, decorated in modern style with elements of art Nouveau style. In all areas of the Parisian apartments can be found furnished in warm, natural colours.

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We will begin an examination of the internal spaces of the French apartment with a spacious living room in chocolate tones. A wall composed entirely of Windows, provides an incredible amount of sunlight. But such light streams must be controlled, so all the Windows are decorated with shutters.

The combination of white and wood tones in the living room decoration, creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing stay. A soft Seating area and a working fireplace only promote relaxation.

From the living room, pushing the door, we enter the space of the dining room, where a table with glass top and comfortable chairs amounted to group dining.

We follow on, along the white corridor, in the space which cleverly integrated storage system and into the master bedroom.

In the bedroom we can once again enjoy the pleasant sight of chocolate and wood tones in the decoration, furnishings and textile facilities. A spacious room with a large bed can afford and built-in storage, disguised as construction niche, and dark, colorful stains furniture and floor coverings. After a few steps, breaking the screen-wall, we find ourselves in the bathroom.

Space for water treatment has the same huge size as other rooms of the Paris apartment. And again warm shades of brown caress our eyes, adjusting to the relaxation in the bath with foam.

Behind glass doors, is located a full shower, which is enough space to not feel uncomfortable being in a confined space. Dark chocolate hues in the finish of the shower create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

In this French apartment has everything – even a special wine racks for storing an impressive collection.

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