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Yellow Kids Rooms Design Ideas

It is very important that the baby’s room was filled with bright and positive colors. Among such a special place is occupied by shades of yellow.

General characteristics color
Among the manifestations of shades of yellow, special attention should be paid to the diverse effects of color. Depending on the intensity and coverage area yellow-tones can carry benefit to the body and negatively affect some of its departments.
Light, bright, Golden color, as close as possible to the sun, it is usually associated with joy and happiness. This color will eliminate the lethargy and fatigue. The room, painted this shade will cause positive emotions. In addition, it is believed that yellow in the interior of the child will improve memory, boost brain activity and it is better to concentrate on the implementation of tasks. Students are recommended during exam preparation to surround himself with the greatest number of items yellow.

Yellow can be seen as a combination of red and green colors. This particular color is characterized by contradictory qualities. In the spectrum of the yellow tones can be found as a cold lemon and warm color of egg yolk or the sun.

In chromotherapy yellow used for the treatment of diseases of the liver, pancreas and digestive tract. Additionally, a yellow room cleans the skin and removes stagnation in the body. Also activates the autonomic nervous system and inflammatory processes. In General, being surrounded by yellow brings a feeling of warmth. In this room it is easier to warm up.

However, avoid excess, as an excessive number of shades of this color provokes excessive agitation, and headache.

Harmonious combination of yellow in the interior

The most important point when creating the necessary atmosphere in the nursery is the use of colors in limited quantities. Evenly distributed around the room shade will make it warm and cozy.

The combination with a green or blue will give the necessary boost of energy and make the interior light and fresh. Yellow looks good with all shades of blue. Depending on the desired result, you can use any tone from the entire spectrum:

heavenly blue;
sea wave;
the color of the night sky;
the color of the deep sea and others.
The combination of red and yellow can enhance the baby’s desire to explore the world. This technique can be used to design the workplace of the student. The overabundance of yellow in this area would be too Intrusive. This interior will distract from reading books or working on the computer.

But in the play area yellow. His influence stimulates mobile games, which is very important for the development of the young organism. Yellow walls and elements of the environment contribute to mood elevation and active use of imagination.

In the sleeping area shades of yellow should be used with special caution. Its stimulating properties are not in keeping with the primary purpose of sleeping space. Bright yellow interior is almost impossible to relax, so it can be used only in the most pale of its variations. The best way to use color in the bedroom area will clearance them only on some items. For example, yellow cushion can dilute the overall atmosphere without harm to the mood and condition of the child.

You should also be aware that any change in shade can significantly strengthen or weaken the manifestation of its basic properties. So if you want you can use yellow in any area children, only correctly picked up the tone.

PhotoGallery of Sunny Child Rooms

The decision about what is in the children’s room is yellow, must be taken at the planning stage of repair. If you change the curtains or carpet at any time, then repaint the walls are not so simple.

If the yellow should be large surfaces:

a ceiling;
it is better if the tint is unobtrusive. Bright yellow in this case is irrelevant, because all the other pieces of furniture in the background will be lost, and the room will begin to oppress their diversity. Flashy combinations on the walls and ceiling are possible only in moderation bright yellow.

For large surfaces the child comes:

old gold;
the pear tree.
Brighter shades, you can select curtains, frame photos, some items of furniture and decor.

Interesting is the combination of several shades of yellow in the same room. This bright may be a wall or large piece of furniture. Other objects of the yellow color should be less bright colors. This method will allow to fill the child’s favorite color, not paranosema its negative implications.

After the main surface will be painted, can be gradually add, remove or move the yellow accessories in the room. A great way to illuminate dark corners of the room, will be posting them in “Sunny” items. This design approach will save the nursery, located on the North side, from a lack of light and heat.

Special attention should be paid to the lighting. The most natural for a child to be a soft yellow light streaming from the ceiling. This lighting can be suitable for games and tutorials. Additionally workstation can be equipped with a lamp with the same soft light, because, according to doctors, this option is most suitable for children’s eyes.

When you select the main colour pediatric first of all, you should consider the opinion of its little owner. Thus it is not necessary to forget and about the properties of yellow. Skillfully combining all these criteria, you can get a comfortable room in which the baby would be happy to spend time.

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