This room is made for family relaxation, fun and spending the free time. So this room should include many things, which provide your rest: TV, book shelves, sofa, armchairs and many other things. Do not forget, that this room is for everyone: you and your kids, so everyone should feel comfortable here.

  • You need to decide first of all, how many of everything you need in this room? Do not equip it with unnecessary things. Count, how many shelves, and cabinets you need.
  • Do not forget to decorate it with your family pictures, favorite flowers or some souvenirs from your family trips.
  • A big cabinet with many shelves would be the best choice for a big family. You will save lots of space and accommodate all things like toys, books and some games.
  • Better use some bright colors for family room. You should feel happy there. Do not forget about soft sofa and armchairs with many pillows.
  • Decorate your walls with some modern pictures, the room will look brighter.


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