Eclectic design is not for everyone. Some people feel really uncomfortable here. It consists of many different things, which do not look like similar. For example, if we are talking about the kitchen, it can be white table surrounded by blue chairs, or colorful oven in the light kitchen.

The main aim of eclectic design is to make something chaotic, but not tasteless. Here you can use your imagination and try to experiment.

The main features of eclectic kitchen are:

  • Colorful mix should not be very artsy. All the shades must suit each other.
  • Do not use light and dark colors together. You can put on blue and white colors together, but they should have the same tone.
  • Use just delicate colors for your walls. They must be calming. Do not use tile, the best things are wallpaper or painted walls.
  • Walls and ceiling should suit each other, for example: white walls and delicate light grey ceiling or blue one.
  • Do not hesitate to put on some vases, pictures or figurines; they are the part of eclectic design.
  • Unusual chandeliers or lamps will be the final accord in your kitchen design.
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