The project of the room in beach style – it is a combination of freshness and lightness with memories of vacation on the beach. During the time the beach style changes, but some features are the same: there are stripes on textile, some elements formed like ships, decorations in the form of seafood, antique furniture. White and blue colors are the main in the beach style. They create a romantic atmosphere, relieve stress and help to relax and keep calm.

These recommendations can help you to create a harmonious interior in beach style:

  1. Mirrors or glass tables, placed in front of the window can make your room brighter. But you should not use them too often.
  2. The textiles with “beach” and “marine” drawings should be use a little bit: chair covers or pillows, otherwise you will lose the effect.
  3. It’s better to create a little contrast, when you use natural materials. For example, wicker rattan chairs can be placed next to a glass table.
  4. Beach style requires open space and the absence of unnecessary items. It’s not necessary to organize a large transposition; it’s enough to place all furniture along the walls, not at the center.
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